Lab: Virtual Earthquake

Science 8 – Helgeson
Lab: Virtual Earthquake
Period ______
Before you start the lab, answer this question based on what you already know.
1) What’s an earthquake?
Visit the following web site to complete the activity:
Welcome to Virtual Earthquake
Read the first web page and define the following terms.
2) Seismograph ______
3) Seismogram ______
4) Focus ______
5) Epicenter ______
Click on Execute Virtual Earthquake.
Compare your answer to “What’s an Earthquake?” to the computers answer.
6) How are they similar and different?
Read the second web page and define the following terms.
7) Seismic Waves ______
8) P-Waves ______
9) S-Waves ______
10) At what speed do the two waves travel?
and S-wave
11) What are the 4 parts to a seismogram?
12) How is an earthquake’s epicenter located?
13) What region did you select:
(Click Submit Choice)
Study the measuring the S-P interval diagram. When you feel comfortable with the
information Click on View Seismograms.
Enter your calculations below.
seismic station
seismic station
seismic station
S-P interval =
S-P interval =
S-P interval =
Click on Convert S-P Interval
Read - Determining the Earthquake Distance.
Determine your Distance from S-P. Enter the information into your data table.
S-P Interval
Epicenter Distance
S-P Interval
Click on Find Epicenter.
Remeasure if needed (excellent – very close – oops!)
17) Where was your earthquake located?
Epicenter Distance
Now Click on Compute Richter Magnitude.
Read about Richter Magnitude and answer the following questions.
18) When was the Richter scale introduced and by whom?
19) Define the term Magnitude:
Click on Go to Next Page
Read and study the Richter nomogram.
Click on Go to Next Page
Read the directions and follow the instructions.
20) S-Wave Amplitude 21) S-Wave Amplitude 22) S-Wave Amplitude Click on Submit to Nomogram
23) Enter Your magnitude Click on Confirm Magnitude
24) Enter Actual magnitude 25) Give the name and location of your earthquake.
26) Tell a little about your earthquake, loss of life and property damage.