Chapter 10 Worksheet #1

Honors Chemistry
Chapter 10 Worksheet 1
1. Convert each of the following using the factor-label method: Round to 3 sig figs! Watch units!
43.2 g of Iron (III) Sulfate to atoms of Oxygen
1.70 X 1024 atoms of Hydrogen to L of Hydrogen gas
2.40 X 1023 molecules of PCl5 to the total number of atoms
2. Calculate the empirical formula for a compound that contains 28.0 grams of Nitrogen and 16.0
grams of Oxygen.
3. Determine the molecular formula of a compound that is 40.0% C, 53.3% O, and the rest
hydrogen, if it has a molecular mass of 360 g/mole
4. How many moles of Nitrogen molecules in 98.2 g? How many moles of nitrogen atoms in the
same amount of substance?
5. What is the percentage composition of NH3?
6. If a substance decomposes into 48.95 L of Oxygen gas and 310.6 grams of Chlorine gas,
what is the substance’s empirical formula?
7. A new compound is created in the lab from the synthesis of 5.84 grams of C, 1.464 X 1023
molecules of Oxygen, and 10.9 L of Hydrogen.
what is the percent composition?
what is it’s molecular formula if it’s gram formula mass is 180 g?
8. If a compound is decomposed and found to contain 8.025 grams of Sulfur, 1.50 x 1023
molecules of solid Carbon, and also release 5.6 L of Hydrogen, what is the empirical and
molecular formula. The molar mass of the compound is 92.2 grams.