Online meal pay info

+ school fees
System Information
WHAT IT DOESSimplifies process by allowing
credit card prepayments via the
internet- lunch & school fees
Allows parents to view student
meal histories online
Allows parents to set ‘low
balance’ email alert
Can access via link from school
or district website
Automatically updates balances
in point of sale system
Thoroughly tracks ALL activity
Administrative portal allows
districts to view and generate
management reports
Premium Membership
•$10 Membership fee (one-time only)
•Deposit money with ease using your debit or
credit card
•Flexibility to deposit money into multiple
student accounts with one payment
•View Account Balances
•View 90 day Meal History
•Low Balance Notification via email
•Parents create a user account with unique user
name and password
HOWEMS hosts server and is
administrator for all site activity
HOWAn individual account is set up
for each student. Utilizes name
and student #
HOWAn email is automatically sent
confirming account registration
A second email is sent automatically to
confirm that student has been ‘found’ at
the appropriate site
HOWParents can then make
payments as often as they like
$1.95 fee/per transaction
Maximum payment limit of $100
HOWOnce account is set up,
parents have access to
student meal history
…and parents can set “low balance alerts” for automatic e mail notification
Administrative portal lets district keep track of all activity and manage school
fees accounts