Design & Access Statement for the proposed alterations to the

Design & Access Statement
the proposed alterations to the existing roof terrace
70 Flood Street London SW3 5TE
August 2015
LONDON SW20 0UD tel: 07944 181461
[email protected]
70 Flood Street, SW3 5TE
This is an application for full planning permission for alterations to an existing roof terrace above a four storey
dwellinghouse. Please find enclosed:
Existing floor plans, sections and elevations
Proposed floor plans, sections and elevations
Supporting Design & Access statement
Ordnance Survey plan with the property boundary highlighted in red
Planning & Conservation Area Demolition Consent application form
Supporting Design & Access Statement
The application site forms an end property in a terrace of three townhouses located on the western side of Flood
Street and falls within the Royal Hospital Conservation Area. The property is set over four floors.
Rossetti House, abuts the application site immediately to the south. Apart from this building and Christ Church
Hall, 70 Flood Street is one of only four properties on the western side of Flood Street to be included within the
Conservation Area.
The front elevation is built in yellow London stock brickwork with a three storey projecting bay window, dentilled
cornice and parapet wall constructed in red brick.
All three properties within the short terrace have flat roofs which may have replaced the traditional London roofs
prevalent on the eastern side of Flood Street. It is understood that the occupants of other two properties make
use of their flat roofs as amenity spaces also.
It is not known exactly when the roof terrace at No.70 was created; the previous owner suggested it was some
25 years ago, however photograph 06 was taken as part of the estate agents sales brochure in 2008/2009 where
it can be seen that the amenity space is already well established.
It is proposed to update some of the existing features of the roof terrace which are in need of repair /
The existing softwood trellis [photographs 01 – 04] is heavily weathered and the supports dilapidated and it is
proposed to replace this screen with a slatted panel which will be no higher than the highest point of the existing
trellis. It is proposed to finish the new panel with a blue stain to match the existing trellis colour [actual colour to
be confirmed].
Similarly, the stair bulkhead structure is in need of repair. It is proposed to replace this structure with a new
housing which will feature a glazed roof to allow more light into the 2nd floor landing. Photograph 06 illustrates
that, previously, there was a roof dome serving this purpose. The front elevation of the structure comprising the
access door and screen will also be glazed with the other two enclosing walls will be of solid timber frame
construction with slatted panel cladding.
The existing roof terrace deck comprises a mineral roofing felt which is not sufficiently hard wearing for this
purpose. It is proposed to install proprietary boarding fixed to new structure suspended above the existing
roofing. This will raise the height of the terrace by approximately 150mm above its current highest point.
Though the ffl of the terrace will be slightly higher, the screen to replace the trellis at the front of the property will
be positioned 150mm inside of the front parapet wall so that users of the terrace will be no more visible from the
street than at present.
The new stair enclosure and roof decking will not be visible and therefore will have no impact on the streetscape.
Due to the nature of the proposals, there will be no change to the current access to the property and there will be
no changes to the volume of traffic or demand for on street parking.