1st August 2006

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1st July 2013
Heritage, Design and Access Statement
27 Bracewell Road London W10 6EA
The property, which was constructed in the 1900s, lies within a terrace at the North
Western extreme of the Oxford Gardens Conservation Area. The two storey houses
in the terrace are brick built with bay fronts and slate pitched roofs.
To the rear the building has a small garden and overlooks a raised railway line.
This application will accompany three further applications for neighbouring properties
at numbers 13, 17 and 21 which are all applying for a dormer roof extension
concurrently with this application.
The scheme involves the construction of a new dormer window on the rear pitch of
the existing main roof. Great care has been taken to design the fenestration so that it
is sympathetic in scale and detail with that suggested in the Oxford Conservation
Area Proposal Statement. This document suggests that dormers be in character with
the building, sympathetic in size, glazing pattern, location and be made of appropriate
We have designed the dormer to be timber framed, with timber sash windows with
lead flashing to the roof and cheeks and faced in slates to match the existing. It has
been designed to be sympathetic to the existing rear elevation without significantly
affecting the amenity of neighbouring properties (as set out in the Planning Standards
of the RBKC UDP). The windows are tripartite and the dormer itself is located in the
centre of the roof with generous areas of roof slate to either side. The roof of the
dormer is set lower than the apex of the pitch.
The property is a single occupancy private dwelling and as such does not have any
particular access requirements; however, the proposed alterations will comply with
current Building Regulation requirements.
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