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AI for everyone

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this article, you have an initial interest in
exposing the world of artificial intelligence. Since it is a hot topic that has been
getting a lot of attention these days, you’ve probably heard about it a lot. I am
not an engineer and I don’t tend to be! That’s why whenever I heard about AI,
I tried to avoid the topic because I thought it’s not my piece of cake and it is
just for engineers! Surprisingly, I fell on my head into the cake and today I am
one of the co-founders of AICenter in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Remember, lesson No.1: AI is for everyone, no matter how you avoid or resist
being involved with this concept, you will be! So, be prepared!
How do we feel when we don’t know about AI?
The first time I felt something strange with my phone (I didn’t know the name
is AI), was a few years ago when I was using the GPS in my car and following
the map. Suddenly, I noticed that the GPS had changed to the new road due
to a car accident on the current one! I looked twice at GPS to make sure that
my phone itself did that smart choice, and it was. But how? How could my
phone learn about the traffic jam on the road? It was just a wow for me!
The second funny experience was when my friend and I were talking about a
trip to Indonesia and we were checking different airlines and the cost of our
travel. On the same night when I was on the bed and checking my Facebook,
I noticed that all the airline advertisements and places to visit in Indonesia
popped up on my cell phone! I jumped and checked my phone very carefully
because I was sure definitely somebody's watching me! The next day when I
heard that my friend also had the same experience then we decided to put our
phone far away when we are talking about something more personal ;)
because for sure somebody is hearing us!
Remember, lesson No.2: AI is everywhere and it’s growing very intelligently to
learn more and more about your brain and what’s happening inside of it! So…
be careful!
Now, “What is Artificial Intelligence?”
In my point of view, and as you can see, this is a fairly broad definition so,
nowadays, everything associated with human intelligence such as; thinking,
planning, learning from experience, adapting to a new situations, problemsolving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, and manipulation and,
to a lesser extent, social intelligence and creativity is defined as AI. Simply put,
AI is when machines can learn and make decisions similar to the human brain.
Remember, lesson No.3: There is a minimum of 6 different definitions of AI
depends on how industry leaders are focusing their AI research efforts. By
learning more about AI you can be the creator of the 7th definition.
So,...welcome to start your research on AI.
What is the importance of Artificial Intelligence?
To understand how much AI is important to our daily lives, business operations
and society, it might be easier to ask which part of our modern society hasn't
been touched by AI! Intelligent machines are influencing almost every aspect
of our lives to help empower efficiencies and increase our human capabilities.
AI is so intertwined in all that we do; nowadays it's hard to even imagine life
without it.
If my great-grandma traveled through the time and arrived in 2020, she would
wonder how a device called smartphone can guide us around town and show
us the best restaurants, how virtual digital assistants such as Seri and Cortana
respond to our queries and she would be absolutely confused by our addiction
to social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
AI is not only improving our lives but also saving lives. I can just give you a
visible example that is in the healthcare industry. There are many ways that AI
experts and researchers are helping to improve the healthcare system from
figuring out personalized drug protocols to better diagnostic devices and even
robots to give assistance in surgeries.
There are many other aspects of our daily life and business which have been
influenced by AI and it will take pages to write about it.
Remember, lesson No.4: within the next 5 years, 50% of the analytical decisions
will be based on AI. So, think smart and beat your business peer competitors
Are you interested to know more about AI?
If you are already reading the article until here, it means that you have enough
encouragement to learn more in-depth about AI. Congratulations! To know
more about AI you don’t need a technical background or mathematical skill,
AI is for everyone and will be simply used in the near future, as you use a key to
turn on a lamp at your house, you don’t need to know the wiring. There are a
lot of courses that introduce AI in a simple language and will tell you how you
can implement it in your personal and professional life. In my next article, I also
will come with some more information about Artificial Intelligence.