Test 2 Review 1AS

Geography Year 1
Test 2 Review 1AS
From Grasslands to Polar Regions
Be able to answer all of the following questions using specific
vocabulary learned in class.
1. Tropical Grasslands
a. Where are tropical grasslands?
b. Why do grassland animals live in big groups?
c. Why is speed so important to grassland animals?
2. Monsoons
a. What is a monsoon?
b. What seasons do monsoon areas have?
c. Why do people grow rice and tea in these areas?
3. Deserts (Video and Book)
Are there any deserts in the world with NO life?
Are all deserts in the world hot?
How big is the Sahara?
Why and where do oases form?
How are unusually shaped rocks formed in the desert? (think
about Egypt’s White Desert from the video)
f. What is desertification and why does it happen?
g. How are some plants and animals adapted to live in the
4. Mediterranean Climates
a. Are Mediterranean climates found only in the Mediterranean
region? Give specific examples of countries that have this
b. What is the main farming in these regions? Why are these
different fruits suited to the climate?
5. Temperate Climates
a. Where in the world do you find temperate climates?
Geography Year 1
b. What do all temperate climate regions have in common? Why
does this occur?
c. What happens to animals during hibernation?
6. Polar Regions (Book and video)
a. How do animals survive in polar regions? Give specific
b. Why do some animals change the color of their fur in the
c. How is the land in the Arctic different from the land in the
d. How big is Antarctica? Where is it located?
e. When it is winter in Antarctica it is what season in the Artic?
f. What effect does global warming have on polar regions?
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