Google Presentation

World War II Timeline Presentation
Create e timeline presentation via google presentation. One group member go to your
school email, click the apps button, click drive, click create, click slides/presentation, share
the presentation with Mr. Martin
Each slide of your presentation must include the following information: (work with one
partner or alone)
1. Title (Name of Event)
2. Picture
3. Date of event
4. 3 details per slide about the event (Include description and outcome)
Include the following events:
1. Benito Mussolini takes Power
2. Stalin takes power
3. Hitler takes power
4. Japan Invades Manchuria
5. Peasant farmers in Russia shot by Stalin’s officials
6. Rome-Berlin Alliance formed
7. April 1939 (Spanish Civil War)
8. Hitler takes Austria
9. Hitler takes Sudetenland
10. Munich Conference and outcome
11. Non-Aggression Pact
12. Germany Invades Poland
13. Hitler takes Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
14. Fall of France
15. Lend-Lease Act
16. Battle of Britain
17. Hitler invades Russia
18. Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor
19. Holocaust (Concentration camps discovered)
20. Manhattan Project
21. Battle of El-Alamein
22. Allies take Siciliy
23. Japan Take Hong Kong
24. Battan Death March
25. Doolittle Raids
26. President Roosevelt Establishes Internment Camps
27. Battle of Midway
28. Island Hopping (Gudalcanal)
29. D-Day Invasion (Allies liberate France)
30. Battle of Iwo Jima
31. Battle of Okinawa
32. President Roosevelt dies
33. Victory in Europe Day
34. Bombing of Hiroshima
35. Bombing of Nagsaki
36. Nuremburg Trials
Monday – Slides 1-10
Tuesday – Slides 11-15,
Wednesday – Slides 15-20
Thursday Slides 21-25
Friday – Slides 26-36
You will receive a grade each day for the slides you complete. Grade will be
recorded each day!
Please work diligently!