What's Left Behind: Redepositing

What’s Left Behind:
After Weathering—THEN WHAT?
1. A deep gorge, typically one with a
river flowing through it.
What Am I?
A canyon
2. A triangular tract of sediment
deposited at the mouth of a river.
Often has a V shape.
What Am I?
A delta
3. A narrow valley between hills or
mountains. Sometimes has a stream
running through it.
What Am I?
A gorge
4. Rocks and sediments left by a
What Am I?
A moraine
5. Includes isolated or spectacular
rock outcrops.
What Am I?
A rock
6. A ridge of sand formed in a river
or along a shore by the action of
waves or currents.
What Am I?
A sand bar
7. A ridge of sand created by the
wind and found in deserts.
What Am I?
A sand dune
8. An elevation of the earth’s surface
and having altitudes greater than
a hill.
What Am I?
A mountain
9. A hollow in the earth, especially one
opening more or less horizontally into a hill
or mountain, caused by erosion.
What Am I?
A cave