Template Complaint

I have been a loyal customer of <Company name> for <no.> years and have
always been impressed with the quality of the products and the friendly
customer service, which is why I visited the <location> store in the hope of
finding a present for my <son/daughter/nephew/etc>.
I was disappointed to find that the toys were categorized according to gender
with labels “for boys” and “for girls” clearly segregating the toys. I also found
that certain toys, for example <type of toy> were only available in the boys’
section with no equivalent in the girls’ section. Likewise, the vast majority of
<type of toys> were only to be found in the <boys’/girls’> section. Please see
the attached picture for proof of this.
It really isn’t the place of <company name> to decide which toys are suitable
for boys and which are suitable for girls. Toys should encourage children to
explore and expand their imagination, yet your gendered labelling has the
opposite effect of limiting their imagination by giving out the message that
they should only play with certain toys..
I find it hard to believe that <company name> believe that it is genuinely
acceptable to segregate toys in this way and would ask that they be
categorised according to theme and function, rather than gender. Customers
will still be able to find what they are looking for and children will feel able to
buy whichever toy they want, regardless of the shelf that it is on.
You may want to look at <<good toy store>> which sorts its toys according to
theme rather than gender, and which is where I ended up buying my
<<son/daughter/nephew/etc> ‘s Christmas present.
I look forward to receiving your reply and hearing how you intend to rectify
this problem.