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Volcano PBL
A volcano erupted in 1991 in the Philippines and it is the second largest eruption his decade. The
volcano eruption caused serious weather in the (hydrosphere) creating a lot of rain. This rain
caused the melted lava to be washed down into other part of the (lithosphere) destroying its path.
Volcano eruption was caused by the pressure build in from the center of earth. The pressure is
caused by two plates that collide causing new land to be formed for example the island of Hawaii
which sits on volcanic melted rock. The volcanic ash from the eruption was enormous and it must
have affected the oceans (hydrosphere) around the Philippines. The land (lithosphere) was severely
damaged as continuous lava kept flowing down to the (lithosphere) land. All the smoke from the
volcanic explosion caused huge amounts of smoke that affected the atmosphere and living things
that usually fly or use the atmosphere as a means of travel.
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a) Volcanic explosion causes major smoke and cloud collection causing limited visibility and acidic
a) Acidic rain causes and rain in general causes the natural flow of lava to continue downward
destroying everything in its path.
a) Volcanic lava will run down the sides of the volcano burning and destroying everything in its
path affecting all living things as well as property.
b) Volcanic ash in huge quantities can land on property, houses, and parks and damage the items
mentioned causing major expenses to cities and human life.
a) Volcanic explosion this big can cause particles or lava/rock to land on nearby rivers or the actual
sea. This can cause a physical and chemical change to the nearby rivers or sea.
a) Volcanic rocks and ashes can land in the sea or nearby rivers and cause major damage to the
current system. This change can affect all living things and transform the physical aspect of the
river, lake or the sea depending on the amount of rock or ashes. If a city or town depends on the
rivers for transportation or food they would suffer from this occurrence.