Volcano at Home Project

Volcano at Home Project
Instructions: We are going to be having a lab where we simulate volcanic eruptions using
various household products and chemicals. We will be using small plastic red cups as our
eruption canisters but we need to have volcanic rock surrounding them.
Students will have two weeks to go home and construct a volcanic mountain surrounding for
their eruption canisters. Students may work in groups as big as four individuals.
Construction Process: The volcanic hillside can consistent of any materials but I would suggest
something simple like clay, play dough, or plaster of paris. Your volcanic mountain simply
needs to be able to surround your eruption container while leaving the top end open so we can
add the elements to cause the volcanic eruption. The volcanic mountain also needs to be
securely mounted to some sort of board. (Any scrap of wood will be fine)
This project should be low cost and relatively simple. Please use simple items to construct your
volcano that might already be sitting around your home. You may also decorate your volcanic
mountain as you see fit, but this is not required. Extra credit will however be given if students
go above and beyond the minimum requirements for this project.
If you are having trouble getting supplies or constructing your project please feel free to come in
a half hour before or after school and Mr. Archibald will help you get the necessary supplies and
help you construct your volcano, if needed. However please do not come in the day before this
assignment is due and seek assistance. Plan ahead and I will give you any help you need.
Good Luck and Have Fun!