Student Activities

Division of Student Affairs
2008-09 Annual Report
Department: Student Activities and Student Activities center
Person Completing Report: Tim Moore
Date: July 2009
1. Major Accomplishments (accomplishments from your department associated with
the Strategic Plans. These should also be accomplishments we can use to promote
your department and Student Affairs.
General Statement: A year of transition and change has set the foundation for future
growth of Student Activities and the Student Activities Center.
Major Accomplishments:
(Tied to Department/Strategic Plan)
The Student Activities Board has been revamped to allow more ownership by the
students. This change will give more control to the students concerning their
events and governance over the members.
The first annual Family Weekend was attended by 230 families with over 1,000
tickets sold for the football game that weekend.
Greek Life experienced a record year with a record number of students joining
fraternities and sororities, the most in UofL history.
Student organizations continued to grow as thirty-seven new recognized student
organizations were approved, for a total of 259 groups on the UofL campus.
Seventy-five RSOs were represented at the 2008 fall RSO Back to School Fair.
A master plan for development of the Center was completed in November 2008.
Student Activities budget for FY08-09 was $779,958.00.
An estimated 7,714 students were counted as utilizing the Off Campus Student
Services for this past year.
The 72nd Annual Fryberger Greek Sing was held on March 1, 2009
With the creation of the cybercafé project in the lower level of the SAC,
Jazzman’s has become a popular spot for students to purchase coffee, grab a
sandwich or muffin, surf the web, check e-mail to get the latest scores and
highlights, news, weather or Judge Judy on one of the three 50” flat panel
plasma screens in the area.
Estimate that 3.8 million counts were recorded this past year through the
Student Activities Center and Red Barn.
2. Staffing summary: (Changes, Updates, Challenges, Issues related to staffing in your
department )
General Statement:
Specific Changes and Issues:
Tina Talley accepted a position with the McConnell Center in July 2008. Teresa
Smith, Administrative Assistant was hired in August 2008.
Several adjustments were made to position responsibilities for several staff
members. Sharon Mudd’s position changed with the addition of reservation
responsibilities and event planning assistance for student groups, maintenance
of the campus events calendar, and serving as liaison to Conference Services,
Dining Services and other offices. Joni Burke continued as the Assistant Director
of Student Activities/Greek Advisor. She assumed supervision of the new RSODevelopment Graduate Assistant as well as the current RSO-Services position.
3. Activities and initiatives that support Academic Units (Collaborative efforts with
academic units or programs and services that support students classroom
General Statement: A range of programs and services were offered to the campus
community throughout the year.
Specific Activities, Programs or Initiatives:
Support was provided for following academic units: Graduate
School/Professional Schools;Speed School; Speed School; Humanities Programs;
Social Science and Education Programs; School of Music.
National Student Exchange placed 18 students for exchange during the 2008-09
academic year
The Panhellenic Council presented an “Outstanding Professor” award each
month and selected an overall winner for the year (Dr. Edna Ross- Psychology)
4. Activities and services that support diversity
General Statement: A range of programs and services were offered to the campus
community throughout the year.
Specific Activities, Programs or Initiatives:
Joni Burke chaired the NPHC Suite Advisory Board that met monthly to manage
the NPHC Suite in Community Park
Student Activities met with the CODRE committee on student concerns to
answer questions about the climate of Greek Life for students of color and
interest in bringing additional NPHC groups to campus.
The Student Activities Board presented the 15 events in support of diversity
15 films that supported diversity were presented
5. Activities and services that support community service and/or civic engagement:
General Statement: A range of programs and services were offered to the campus
community throughout the year.
Specific Activities, Programs or Initiatives:
In cooperation with the Kentucky Center for the Arts, the Student Activities
Board and Student Activities formed a program called “Arts Madness” through
which members from the UofL community could purchase $10 tickets to
selected events.
The Special Interest Committee held the third annual Community Service Fair.
Over 30 organizations from the campus and the community were on hand to
distribute information and sign-up volunteers.
The Red Barn hosted 9 American Red Cross Blood Drives.
Greek chapters conducted a variety of activities that supported community
6. Staff professional development activities and programs including: individual or
department recognition awards, conference presentations, publications and
involvement in university wide committees and /or professional activities
General Statement: Staff were engaged in a variety of professional development
Specific Activities, Programs, Initiatives or Professional Involvement:
Joni Burke is a member of the National Association of Student Personnel
Administrators (NASPA), American College Personnel Administrators (ACPA), and
the Association of Fraternity Advisors (AFA).
Julie Onnembo and Stuart Neff are members of the National Association of
Campus Activities (NACA) and National Association of Student Personnel
Administrators (NASPA).
Tim Moore is a member of ACPA and NASPA
Laure Berman is a member of ACPA, AFA, CPAK, and GAPSA.
Jeremy Johnson is a member of NACA, ACPA, CPAK, and SACSA.
Ashley Jones is a member of ACPA, CPAK, and served as president of GAPSA.
Kenny Quisenberry completed his term serving as the Technology Coordinator
for CPAK. Another University of Louisville staff member, David Horrar, has taken
over these duties just recently.
The Student Activities Department is an institutional member of the Association
of College Unions International and the National Association for Campus
David Shaw has served on the host committee for the ACPA Mid-Managers
Institute held at the University of Louisville in January for the past two years
(2008 & 2009) and will also host the ACPA Mid-Managers Institute in January
David Shaw co-chaired the first annual Veteran’s Symposium Best Practices in
Higher Education at the University of Louisville this past February. The
symposium was held over a two day period and hosted three schools with best
practices in the business of serving veterans and their families. The schools were
Cleveland State University, Montgomery College and San Diego State University.
ACPA was also a sponsor of this program.
David Shaw serves on the host committee for the 2009 ACPA Summer
Leadership Committee meetings to be held in Louisville in July 2009.
Joni Burke served on the host committee for the Donna M. Bourassa Mid-Level
Management Institute that was held in Louisville, January 2009.
Jeremy Johnson volunteered for the national ACPA conference in Washington,
7. Assessment initiatives - (participant surveys, program reviews, student learning
outcomes, focus groups, feedback etc.)
General Statement:
Specific Activities, Programs, or Initiatives:
Homecoming Event Online Survey, October 2008
Individual Event Surveys for SAB events, ongoing
SAB Peer Performance Evaluations – Fall and Spring semesters
SAB Advisor Performance Evaluations - Spring
SAB Leadership Workshops, ongoing
Sorority and fraternity recruitment week participants completed surveys,
September, 2008
Meeting held to discuss and evaluate sorority chapter total, October, 2008
A questionnaire was given to all fraternity and sorority chapters to seek input
in planning the 2009 Greek Week events
Meetings held to discuss the Panhellenic sorority growth document (year 2)
and collect statistics, November, 2008-March, 2009
Greek Life participated with the Dean of Students office in sending the Greek
database of rosters to Institutional Research to gain numbers on retention of
Greek students vs. unaffiliated students
NPHC Homecoming Stepshow - wrap up discussion at a meeting after the
event, November, 2008
Fryberger Sing - wrap up discussion at a board meeting and song chairs
meetings after the event, March, 2009
Scholarship averages for every fraternity and sorority were calculated and
ranked each semester
RSO required meetings- written surveys at the conclusion of each meeting
8. Top Goals for the Department/Program – Include specific goals your department
will be working on during 2009-2010. Goals should be in response to items in the
University and Student Affairs Strategic planning documents.
General Statement: Student Activities and Student Activities Center are responsible for
a number of actions items for the divisional strategic plan.
Specific Goals for 2009-2010:
Serve as UofL’s primary resource to positively engage all UoIL students to be
involved in out-of-class activities for the UofL community. Primary Outcome:
Focal point for out-of class activities
Cultivate a favorable environment that is welcoming and offers desired programs
and services to create a dynamic campus life program for UofL students. Primary
Outcome: Nurture Environment
Be recognized as the leader in providing quality service to the UofL community.
Primary Outcome: Quality Service
Expand and renew facilities to create a vibrant campus “living room”. Primary
Outcome; Expansion and Renovation
Foster traditions and spirit at the University that instills a sense of pride and
purpose in students and alumni. Primary Outcome: Build Community
Provide an outstanding professional preparation experience for graduate
students entering the field of campus activities. Primary Outcome: Professional
Be financially secure and increase operating funds to achieve envisioned future
and sustain success. Primary Outcome: Financial Viability
Form favorable partnership to expand programming and services for out of class
activities that add value to the campus community. Primary Outcome;
9. Issues and Challenges for the Department During 2008-2009
General Statement: The lack of financial resources continues to have an impact on
programs and services of the department
Specific Issues and Challenges 2008-2009:
Limited to offering in-state tuition remission will affect the department’s ability
to recruit the best students nationally to prepare them for the profession.
The reservations process continues to be time consuming for staff and this will
continue to increase as the SAC building is used more and eventually expanded.
The creation of a Greek Housing Master Plan is becoming more pressing.
The quality of housekeeping services needs to be improved to meet the
expectations of the campus community.
The SAB is always facing the challenge of meeting the demands of programs and
services that are requested by the student body and from the university
Student organizations need space for meetings and social functions.
An expanded Center could accommodate the needs for larger meeting/function
rooms, departmental office spaces and informal social spaces.
10. Report on metrics for programs and services during the year (usage and/or
customer numbers, occupancy data, number of programs provided, participant
demographics, retention statistics, revenue numbers, budget savings, new funding
sources and amounts, benchmark comparisons, professional
development/involvement data, web hits, student employee numbers, etc)
General Statement: See Student Activities Metrics
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