Student Activities - University of Louisville

Division of Student Affairs
2009-10 Annual Report
Department: Student Activities
Person Completing Report: Tim Moore
Executive Summary
The mission of the Student Activities Department is to provide activities and services for
the University community. Through various boards, committees, and staff, the area
provides cultural, social, and recreational programs, aiming to make the out-of-class
experience a part of the total educational process while advancing the institutional
mission. These programs promote a sense of community and loyalty to the University
while serving as a place for social, intellectual, and developmental growth for students
as individuals or as part of a group.
The vision of Student Activities and the Student Activities Center is to engage every UofL
student in a positive manner through vibrant experiences that enrich and connect the
student community in such a way as to enhance their learning and development.
Strong relationships continued to be maintained and developed within the department
and across the campus and in the community to provide quality services and programs
for the student community. The value and benefit of student involvement outside of
the classroom has been emphasized and encouraged to students throughout the year.
Greek Life
Greek Life oversees 26 chapters of national and international fraternities and sororities.
Approximately 10% (1,490) of the fulltime undergraduate student body is affiliated with
a sorority or fraternity.
The office assists fraternity and sorority chapters in maintaining local and national
requirements as well as serving as a liaison between collegiate chapters, alumni,
parents, and the university. In addition, the staff provides educational programs and
services that support the ideals of Greek Life by challenging members to live by their
purpose, monitoring academic performance of fraternity and sorority members and
recognizing positive achievements of the organizations.
Greek Life saw a record number of students, for the third year in a row, joining
fraternities and sororities- the most in UofL history. Research was conducted with the
Office of Institutional Research that proved higher levels of retention for students
choosing to pledge and remain affiliated with their Greek organization. The Panhellenic
Council was the recipient of the National Panhellenic Conference’s Award for “Overall
Excellence” for campuses with 6 – 10 NPC chapters of all universities in the US and
Recognized Student Organizations
The Recognized Student Organization program provides support to nearly 300 student
organizations on campus, assisting with the formation of new groups and helping
students find organizations to join. The area serves as a resource to student
organization leaders and assists groups in navigating university policies and procedures
in planning events. The staff is available to consult with individual students and
organizations to help them succeed.
We currently have 351 Recognized Student Organizations, an increase of 92 over the
previous year. Two campus RSO Fairs were held in the fall and spring - 78 groups were
represented in the fall and 48 were represented in the spring.
National Student Exchange
National Student Exchange provides students with affordable and practical exchange
opportunities to experience new and diverse settings in which to study and live. Nearly
200 colleges and universities in 48 states, 3 U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia
provide exchange opportunities at UofL tuition rates. Twelve, twelve students were
placed during the 2009-2010 academic year and UofL accepted four students for
Student Activities Board
The Student Activities Board provides social, multicultural, recreational, and educational
activities for the University’s students and other interested members of the campus
community. SAB provides co-curricular activities that enhance students’ experiences at
the University both through the variety of its programs and through leadership
opportunities in planning movie events, lectures, cultural celebrations, concerts,
comedy shows, cookouts, and such annual traditions as homecoming festivities and the
Crawfish Boil. SAB’s strong commitment to multicultural awareness and diversified
programming for the entire student body provides students with opportunities to learn
about other cultural communities, while forming bonds with fellow students that
support them during their collegiate career.
The SAB had a very successful year. The changes in organizational structure
implemented in the 2009- 2010 SAB provided more leadership opportunities for
students of the Board. SAB’s directors brought new energy and vitality to the Board,
which helped produce a significant increase in the number of events and in program
attendance. In addition to new events that the SAB introduced this year, the group
continued to provide vibrant quality programs to the student body. They continued to
promote their events through the use of listservs, Facebook, Twitter, on flat panel TV
monitors in the SAC, SGA e-mail, table tents, and the all-in-one calendar at the bus stops
and in the Residence halls. SAB pioneered many of these promotional avenues and
continued to develop other means of reaching students in fun and unique ways.
Off Campus Student Services
Although the personnel that maintained the center are not present, the Commuter
Student lounge continues to excel in providing services and support for commuter
students at the University of Louisville. A Commuter Student Mentor Program was
successfully begun and an Off Campus Student Association with recognized student
organization Status was formed.
Swain Student Activities Center
The Swain Student Activities Center provides a broad variety of activities and programs
to assist students in participating in the UofL community and in developing skills and
knowledge of leadership, wellness, service, and diversity. Among many other facilities,
the SAC houses a state-of-the-art movie theatre, fast food promenade, huge cafeteria,
giant bookstore, Cardinal Corner Game Room, and meeting rooms. The East Wing of
the SAC houses the Athletics and Intramurals offices and gymnasium. The SAC has
various spaces available for meetings, gatherings, and events for student groups and
departmental functions. Audiovisual equipment is available.
George J. Howe Red Barn
The Red Barn provides services and programs of a diverse nature, including concerts,
movies, cookouts, meetings, and various other social and administrative events. The
Red Barn Programs Office also administers four endowed programs to benefit UofL
students: the Harold Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Red Barn Endowment, Red
Barn Alumni Association (RBAA) Florence M. Strickler Endowment, and the Torchbearer
Endowment and Program. The facility is available for use by students, faculty, staff,
alumni, and other interested parties.
1. Programs and Services:
The Administrative Assistant position provides a point-of- contact for the
department, directing visitors and phone calls while fielding many questions
regarding activities in Student Affairs and, when necessary, directing inquiries to
the appropriate staff. In addition, guests of the University and Department of
Admissions’ daily campus visit program meets in W310B and are received
through the Student Activities’ suite. Over 1,500 visits through the front office
were documented during one week in October 2009.
117 lockers were rented in Fiscal 2010 (22% increase over FY 2009).
The Administration assisted students elected to leadership positions in SGA,
RSO’s, Fraternities and Sororities with fiscal responsibility and daily operations
(i.e.: purchasing, travel planning and documentation and event planning, making
appointments, selling tickets, etc.) within the confines of their Universityappointed budget and guidelines. All 166 Graduate Student Council travel
vouchers are processed through the Administrative Assistant and Business
Manager. In addition, approximately 50 undergraduate students were provided
funding for travel with paperwork processed with assistance from the UBM and
Administrative Assistant.
The UBM continues to work with gift account taking on the added responsibility
of managing the Community Park Alumni Accounts which includes reconciling
their accounts, deposits and purchases for house expenses and reporting back to
the Board.
An online form was created with the help of Frank Mianzo in the Vice President
of Student Affairs’ office to assist with lost and found. Once the form is
completed and submitted, all known lost and found drop points on campus are
notified via e-mail. Several items were reunited with their owner(s) this past
fiscal year as a result of this mechanism.
Contributed articles to Student Affairs publications (e.g.: Vibrations).
A Graduate Assistant webpage was created to provide information to the public
about current GAs in Student Activities and possible opportunities for
A variety of enhancements were made to the department’s web pages. A photo
gallery was created, the twitter feed embedded on the front page, the addition
of achieved newsletters and more content.
Family Weekend continued into its second year and Welcome Week was
reinvigorated. A new annual tradition was added in spring 2010 with Senior
Celebration. Celebrating graduating students, the highlight of Senior Celebration
was a Day at Churchill Downs.
The Student Activities Board (SAB) had a very successful year in programming for
the Red Barn and the SAC. SAB events achieved a record total attendance of
27,615 patrons at over 200 events during the 2009-2010 school year:
Fall 2009 event totals:
Number of events: 113 (with films)
Number of program hours: 323:30 (with films)
Film Attendance: showings 50 @ 2,361 attendees
Approximate number of students served: 18,418
Spring 2010 event totals:
Number of events: 94 (with films)
Number of program hours: 272:30(with films)
Film Attendance: 48 showings @ 1,225 attendees
Approximate number of students served: 9,197
SAB Programs and events provide social activities for students that help them
develop communities of common interest. Student Personnel Literature notes
the higher retention rate of students who participate in campus activities. SAB’s
commitment to multicultural awareness and diversified programming for the
entire student body provides students with opportunities to learn about other
cultural communities, while forming bonds with fellow students that will support
then during their collegiate career. The following events were particularly
beneficial to these goals:
Orientation fairs and evening events
Weekend Movies and Sneak previews in the Floyd Theatre
Welcome Weekend-Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee
Welcome Weekend -Cards Under the Stars party
Welcome Weekend – Playfair
Welcome Weekend – Drive-In Movie
Welcome Week - Block Party/RSO Fair
Welcome Week - SAB Roundup
Homecoming Festivities
HSC Mixers/cookouts
SAB Block Party
Intramural “Up All Night”
LGBT Film Festival
Earth Fest
International Fashion Show
Crawfish Boil
Tuesday Afternoon of Jazz Lunchtime series
Thursday Afternoon Live Music Lunchtime series
WFPK Live Lunch Series
Native American Heritage Event
Cooking with Class series
Battle of the Bands
Getting Back to Campus
Student Activities continues to enhance and assess the diversity of student
programming through the leadership of the Student Activities Department,
Student Government Association and the Student Activities Board. Student and
staff focus groups, on-line voting for surveys, and the Red Barn/Student
Activities Board Event Assessment forms to assess the Student Activities
Department programming and facilities needs of the campus community
continue to be used. Collaborative efforts with the Graduate schools in
developing programs that would attract students from the Medical, Dental, Law,
Business, and Professional Schools were continued.
Programs and services were provided for the Disability Resource Center (DRC)
and the Health Science Campus (HSC) as follows:
 HSC Welcome Week Cookout
 HSC Homecoming Cookout
 Big 4 Mixers for the HSC with the support of the SAB and the Big 4.
 Graduate School Dinner Dance
 BABA Week “Eat Your Way into Happiness”
The Student Activities Board provided high-profile co-curricular activities and
learning opportunities for students during National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness
Week, Black History Month, Pride Week, and other specific observances.
Significant relationships with campus department and organizations:
 Admissions Office-Orientation Program
 African Student Union
 Alpha Omicron Pi
 Alumni Association
 Athletics Department
Baptist Campus Center
Campus Health Services
Chi Omega
Class Act Federal Credit Union
College of Arts and Sciences
Commonwealth Center for Humanities and Society
Dean of Students Office
Delta Zeta
Dental School Student Council
Department of Public Safety
First Year Initiatives
French Department
Graduate School Student Council
Housing and Residence Life Office
Lambda Chi Alpha
Louisville American Sign Language Association
Indian Student Association
Interfraternity Council
International Center
Intramurals and Recreational Sports
Medical School Student Council
Modern Languages Department
Muslim Student Association
National Pan-Hellenic Council
Nursing School Student Council
Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, & Service
Office of the Provost
Office of Vice-Provost for Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Office for LGBT Services
Panhellenic Council
PEACC Program
Physical Plant
The Province
Public Health Student Council
Red Barn Alumni Association
Resident Student Association
Student Government Association
Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR)
Sustainability Council
Theater Arts
Undergraduate Studies
University of Louisville President’s Office
University of Louisville School of Music
WLCV Radio
Women's and Gender Studies
Women's Center
Although the personnel that maintained the center are not present, the
Commuter Student lounge continues to excel in providing services and
support for commuter students at the University of Louisville. The Center
has a computer lab, a typewriter, a copy machine, and a lounge for student
use. As you can see from the table below 10,011 students were counted as
utilizing the center for this past year. This number has increased from the
findings last year. The chart also show that the commuter students lounge is
still a much needed venue for commuter students to utilize while they are on
This year Paige was successful in forming a Commuter Student Mentor
Program and an Off Campus Student Association with Recognized Student
Organization Status and is in the process of looking at Off Campus Commuter
programs to bring to the University of Louisville. Paige was also successful in
organizing and maintaining a commuter student listserv that informed the
commuter students of SAB and other on campus activities.
The Commuter Mentor Program served as a way to connect first year
commuter students to the campus community. Upperclassman commuter
students served as mentors to first year commuter students to assist them in
their transition to campus. Students learn from being involved (Astin, 1985)
and not only did we want students to be involved on the campus, but we also
hoped for them to feel a connection to the campus. One of the greatest
barriers of working with commuter students is that they come to campus for
class, and then leave. Through this mentoring program, students were able
to connect with other students on campus, develop a connection to campus
community, and find ways to be involved. The students who served as the
pilot mentors were:
Kyle Schuler
Kyrstin Johnson
Kimberly Bradford
Lauren Metzger
Jennifer Butler
The Off Campus Student Association became an official Recognized Student
Association in January 2010. They held several meetings for Off-campus
students that consisted of guest speakers from various areas of the University to
speak about their departments and to inform the students of the services that
are available to them. The offices showcased were: Financial Aid, PEACC, Health
Services, Career Center and Student Activities. They were also very successful in
hosting an on-campus bake sale and along with the Student Activities
department, a successful first annual Off Campus Housing Fair that brought in
various housing corporations from the community as well as those affiliated with
the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
Samantha MacKenzie (Pres)
John Docter (VP)
Jessie Prichard (Secretary)
Becky Ryherd (Treasurer)-
Inductions were held for the following honor societies in the past year:
Order of Omega Greek Honor Society, inducting 32 students
Rho Lambda Panhellenic Honor Society, inducting 28 students
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, inducting 98 students
Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society had a transition in their
officers and will hold their spring induction in late July.
The staff attended meetings of the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic
Council (PH), and the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and met individually
with chapter and council officers. Regular meetings of the NPHC Suite Advisory
Board were held during the academic term. Various meetings were held
throughout the year with chapter, graduate advisors, and House Corporation
members. Twelve appointments were held with national representatives from
ten different fraternities and sororities that visited the campus during 20102011.
Some of the programs that took place in the past year included:
GAMMA sponsored a “Sober Tailgate” before a home football game, a
speaker from Health Services to talk about alcohol poisoning, and sponsored
a “Spring Break” information table in the SAC prior to spring break.
Three ICS computer trainings were held for students and alumnae advisors
prior to the PH sorority recruitment.
Panhellenic Council sponsored“Mock Mediation/Hearing” training and
introduced the new NPC judicial procedures for sorority officers and advisors
in June, 2009.
Mediation meetings were held throughout the year as needed.
Phired Up Productions presented a morning workshop on recruitment for
over 300 sorority women and a 3 hour workshop for 60 students. This
unique presentation was funded by a partnership of six chapters, a Greek
council, and the Louisville Alumnae Panhellenic Association
Panhellenic Council sponsored the Sorority Recruitment Kickoff and
Orientation for potential new members and their parents. David James, a
DPS officer, presented a short program on campus safety.
Panhellenic Council sponsored a dinner for sorority leaders and advisors prior
to recruitment week to build morale, share updates, and instruct everyone
on bid matching and release figures being used.
NPHC sponsored a retreat for all NPHC members before the beginning of the
spring semester.
NPHC Icebreaker Cookout was held with approximately 500 students
attending as part of U of L’s Welcome Weekend events.
NPHC Suite Advisory Board meetings with light meals provided by Student
Activities were held throughout the academic year.
NPHC Homecoming Dance was held in October 2009, with over 275 students
NPHC Step Show was moved to the spring at the Brown Theatre with over
1,400 in attendance.
Delta Zeta Sorority, Campus Health Services, SAB, and others co-sponsored
the “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” activities for the campus during National
Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.
The Greek Life /RSO Staff members and the three Greek governing council
presidents participated as hosts at the Student Affairs Campus Leader
 Fraternities and sororities and Greek governing councils along with Intramural
Sports hosted an interest fair at ten New Student Orientation sessions for
incoming students and parents.
 The 5th annual National Hazing Prevention Week was observed on campus with
the following promotions activities:
-Posters and banners were hung up in the SAC and on Greek houses
and suites
-An awareness table was set up in the SAC and manned by staff and
students from all 3 governing councils. Buttons and information was
-The Greek Life and RSO Graduate Assistants attended chapter
meetings of the various Greek letter organizations on campus and
conducted brief information sessions regarding the negative effects
of hazing.
-Students participated in a Mock Case Study. Fourteen small groups
were able to critically think about various hazing situations and how
as student leaders they would remedy or prevent such a situation in
their organizations. Groups presented their conclusions to their
-A screening of the movie “HAZE” was held in the Floyd Theatre in
conjunction with SAB- 150 students attended
 NPHC sponsored a Graduation Reception to honor members graduating from U
of L.
The IFC sponsored an Officer Transition and Goal Setting Dinner for their new
Executive Board.
Junior Panhellenic and Junior IFC held meetings and programs to acquaint new
fraternity and sorority members with involvement opportunities in Greek Life.
The 73rd annual Fryberger Greek Sing was held in February, 2010 at the Louisville
Palace. A sellout crowd of 2,700 alumni, parents, staff, faculty, and students
viewed 19 groups performing medleys of song. The Fryberger Sing Board
awarded two $1,000 scholarships to fraternity and sorority participants.
Greek Week (March 28-April 1, 2010) - Thirty-five students served on the Greek
Week planning committee and planned five events: Greek Olympics,
Philanthropy Step Show, Quizbowl, Karaoke, and the Greek God and Goddess
Pageant. All funds raised during the week benefited Kosair Charities.
Greek Awards (April 14, 2010)- Planned and implemented by the Order of
Omega and Rho Lambda Greek Honor Societies, awards were presented by
individual chapters or Greek councils following an application process. Greek
Life presented certificates to all chapters earning a GPA above the All Men’s or
All Women’s averages for spring and fall of 2009.
Currently have 296 Recognized Student Organizations
Conducted 17 RSO Mandatory Meeting Sessions (1 at HSC)
Conducted two RSO Fairs
o Fall RSO fair
 100 RSOs registered
 76 RSOs attended
o Spring RSO Fair
 62 RSOs registered
 48 RSOs attended
 For the 2009-2010, 60 organizations applied for recognition. Of
those, 37 new student organizations completed the application
process and achieved recognition.
 Three sessions were held to educate officers of current student
organizations on the use of alcohol at their events. Two officers
were required to attend from each organization. The
presentation covered the current Dean of Student’s guidelines
for alcohol use at events, signs of misuse of alcohol, and a case
study exercise examining risk management issues. These series
of presentations were held in collaboration with Campus Health
Services and the PEACC Center. This educational opportunity
was presented by the Student Organizations Development
Graduate Assistant, the Student Organizations Graduate
Assistant, and the Greek Life Graduate Assistant with
supervision from Joni Burke and Sharon Mudd.
 Student Activities serves as a primary resource to student involvement
opportunities such as Greek Life, Recognized Student Organizations, Student
Activities Board and commuter student programs. Our facilities are also used by
other departments and student groups on campus
 We have provided opportunities for students to meet and interact informally
through the creative layouts of non-programmed lounge space in various
locations of the SAC; such as the interaction created by the cyber-café in the
atrium, the space outside the Dean of Students office, the space inside the
Student Activities Suite, the space in the Pre-function Area, the Multipurpose
room, the Food Court and Student Activities space in Davidson Hall.
 In order to provide a higher level of quality service we have provided printed
Visio diagrams of the specific event when possible to assist the user in seeing
exactly how the setup in their mind transitions to the space. We have worked
hard to ask the questions about their program or event that they may not think
of. Our attention to detail has improved, but needs to continue to get better
considering our wealth of experience we have in our department. We want to
nurture a “yes” environment for our staff. We want to be able to say yes
whenever possible, but when we have to say no or if we can’t help them is
there other ways we might be able to support their event?
 Although the expansion and renovation of the SAC is delayed for an
indeterminate amount of time, we continue to improve our resources and
facilities to make them more pleasing to the eye and to keep up with today’s
technology demands.
 Through increased partnerships with higher education-based professional
organizations; we hope to become the go-to university to host professional
workshops, seminars and institutes. Our geographical location and our
partnership with the “Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau” has allowed us
to attract increased interest in Louisville hosting small to medium events on
campus and even larger events downtown. The ACPA National Convention in
2012 and the NACA National Convention in 2016 has signaled a start to what we
hope is a long term relationship with the city of Louisville.
 While we are providing more resources to student groups for little or no cost, we
are raising the income we receive from departments and off campus users of
our facilities.
 Table space and meeting rooms for students, staff, faculty, affiliated groups and
non-affiliated groups of the university are provided and reserved through the
front desk. 3,129 reservations were booked through the front desk in FY 2010.
Large events where event planning assistance was also required totaled 705
reservations (3085 bookings).
 Arranged security for student group events and departmental events including
Welcome Weekend, RBAA Reunion Concert, Block Party and Council Dances
The Good Morning Commuter (GMC) Program in its 13th year is a Red Barn tradition
and popular with U of L students that offers free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and
coffee every Tuesday from 8:30am to 10am during the 2009 Fall Semester and the
2010 Spring Semester.
We had a total of 26 GMC events at the Red Barn with a total participation of
There were 647 events/services that are directly related to George Howe, to the
Red Barn and the Red Barn Programs office.
2. Major Accomplishments:
Jamie Giles, of Chi Omega, was selected one twelve U of L students chosen to be
a Fulbright Scholar and will teach in Taiwan in 2010-2011
Rachel Noble and Debbie Whitelock were selected recipients of National Order
of Omega Greek Honor Society scholarships for 2010.
Debbie Whitelock, of Delta Zeta was selected one of six finalists for the
“International Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity”
Rachel Noble, of Chi Omega, was selected to serve as a National Leadership
Consultant for Chi Omega in 2010-2011
Amanda Keeling served as a National Leadership Consultant for Delta Zeta in
2009-10 and Jay Spenlau served Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as a consultant also.
Abby Wooldridge, Sigma Kappa, and Katy Trimble and Megan Imel were selected
Kentucky Derby Festival princesses and the Queen respectively.
Three students were selected recipients of the Louisville Alumnae Panhellenic
scholarships for 2010: Mackenzie Adriance, Bridget Walsh, and Nicole Wells14
Three students were honored by the Greek Life staff at the U of L Student
Awards for serving as “Outstanding Greek Chapter/Council Presidents” for 200910:
o Ashlee Austin, NPHC
o Alana Baker, Panhellenic Council
o Michael Rolf, Pi Kappa Alpha President.
Maureen McCarty was the recipient of a $1000 National Phi Eta Sigma
IFC “Rodney Williams Greek Man of the Year Award”- Michael Rolf, Pi Kappa
Alpha Fraternity
Panhellenic Council “Greek Woman of the Year Award”- Michele Harpring, Sigma
Kappa Sorority
Sigma Chi Fraternity was honored as a recipient of the Peterson Award that is
presented to one of the top 20 chapters in the USA and Canada
The Panhellenic Council was the recipient of the “Excellence in Public Relations
Award” at the Southeastern Panhellenic Conference in Atlanta in 2010
At the U of L Student Awards, Delta Zeta Sorority was honored with the
“Outstanding New Program/Initiative” award and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was
honored as the “Student Organization of the Year”
Hired and trained seven (7) part-time student workers in front desk office
procedures providing them transferrable skills for possible future workforce
positions. The students’ wages totaling $34,169.16 were paid through the
Federal Work/Study program. Accounts Receivable for SAC usage through fiscal
2010 is current. Many office procedures have been streamlined by developing
forms/mechanisms for more efficient time-management. An online form was
developed and implemented for lost and found in the SAC and University-wide.
The Music school kindly donated a baby grand piano to be placed in the
cybercafé to allow students and their friends the ability to free-style play the
piano. This has created a nice atmosphere of piano music created by the piano
being open and available for their use. The SAC also has a piano located in the
pre-function area which is used for the same thing, however this piano is not as
noticeable when they play in that location.
Student Activities and Student Government has funded a new digital display
system in the SAC which has allowed us to upgrade our outdated analog display
system to a system that allows us to be more creative in our presentation of
campus information to the student body. Currently we have three channels that
can be programmed with different information for each channel. The Dean of
Students has a channel that is used for student recognition which is located at
the end of W303A in the SAC, Student Activities has a channel that is located
over the escalator for upcoming events, and the third channel is broadcast over
channel eleven of the campus cable TV system.
Student Activities recorded 6505 active bookings for the 2009-2010 school year,
with another 1828 canceled bookings, for a total of 8333 total bookings in 20092010, which amounts to approximately 20% increase in bookings from the
previous year.
Student Activities provided 61,393 individual resources for events and programs
during the 2009-2010 academic year.
The department coordinated pre-paid flat fee for the Department of Admissions
and the Student Activities Board to streamline billing and to make it possible for
these departments to budget the year without worrying about addition charges
for last minute requests.
The Student Activities PC Disaster Recovery Plan for the SAC Server was
The Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) program for the SAC was maintained.
The Student Activities Center opened as scheduled, even when the University
had weather delays. Our philosophy is that the center needs to open for those
who arrive on campus without hearing about the delay. We are many times their
only safe haven as Department of Public Safety (DPS) locks down the other
facilities until later in the morning.
A wireless people counting system from MWalker Company to assist in statistical
analysis of how the facilities are being used and traffic flow was maintained.
New Visix Display Server and three new flat panel displays (end of w303A, over
the escalator and one in McAllister’s) were installed. This system replaced an old
Targetvision System that was losing support from the current owners which had
bought out the company that we bought it from.
Provided flood assistance as requested during the August 4th, 2009 flash flood in
the Louisville Metropolitan area beginning August 5th, 2009 throughout the fall
2009 semester.
The replacement of the four auditorium exhaust fans at the George J. Howe Red
Barn with Physical Plant was coordinated.
The SAC participated in the University campus-wide energy audit and energy
savings performance project.
The SAC continued to coordinate roof drain replacement as new leaks have
shown themselves. This has been an ongoing process.
The spending policy of the RBAA Endowment which is the projected income that
will be available on July 1, 2010, is $1,706.62. We established the RBAA
Endowment on October 31, 2008, with $25,000 that was contributed by many
very generous persons and parties since 1998. The purpose of the RBAA
Endowment is to benefit students and the Red Barn Alumni Association (RBAA).
Expenses can include meetings, programs, speakers, scholarships, travel,
renovation, capital improvements and fundraising activities as well as salaries
that support Red Barn and Student Affairs Initiatives at U of L.
The spending policy of the George J. Howe Endowment which is the projected
income that will be available on July 1, 2010 is $775.45. We established the
George J. Howe Endowment on October 31, 2008, with $10,000 that was
contributed by many very generous persons and parties since 2007. The
purpose of the George J. Howe Endowment is to benefit students. Expenses can
include programs, speakers, scholarships, travel, and fundraising activities as
well as salaries that support Leadership and Student Activities and Student
Affairs Initiatives at U of L.
The 3rd Annual Student Affairs Student Leaders Reunion at the Red Barn on
Friday, October 16.
During this year, we have raised a total of $15,648.50 for our 5 endowments and
5 gift accounts.
As part of the 2010 U of L Cares Campaign, there are 26 U of L staff and faculty
members who are contributing a total of $5,220 which is a total of $435 per
month through payroll deduction to the following accounts: 1) Harold Adams
Memorial Scholarship Fund – 2 persons - $202.50; 2) RBAA Gift Account – 10
persons - $1,251; 3) International Service Learning Account – 2 persons - $230; 4)
George J. Howe Student Leadership Account – 18 persons - $2,936.50; and 5)
Dennis C. Golden Torchbearer Endowment – 1 person - $500.
The spending policy that we will receive and will be placed into the Harold
Adams Memorial Fund ($12,079.32), the Florence M. Strickler Endowment
($7,934.38), the Torchbearer Endowment ($2,606.03), the RBAA Endowment
($1,706.62) and the George J. Howe Endowment ($775.45) on July 1, 2010, is
$25,101.80. 102 scholarships to U of L students were awarded totaling a record
$22,750 from the endowed Harold Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund, the
Florence M. Strickler Scholarship Endowment and the Torchbearer Endowment.
The RBAA provided program funding through the RBAA Gift Account for 6 U of L
student events totaling $1,997.84 which included $250 for the 6th Annual NPHC
Icebreaker and All Campus Cookout on August 23, 2009, $500 for the 6 th Annual
Block Party on October 3, $250 for the 3 WFPK “Live Lunch” productions on
September 18, October 16 and November 20, and $997.84 for the 25 th Annual
SAB and RBAA Crawfish Boil on April 16, 2010.
Planning and coordinating the 2nd Annual 2009 Red Barn Summer Fest Concerts.
The 1st concert of the 2nd Annual 2009 Summer Fest Concerts which was the
RBAA Red Barn 40th Year Reunion Concert at the Red Barn on July 11, 2009,
featuring “Kessler’s Friends” raised $2,405 of which $760 in cash from the gate
revenue was placed into the RBAA Operations Account; $760 in checks of which
$390 went into the Florence M. Strickler Endowment and $370 went into the
RBAA Endowment; $760 from the sale of beer and wine with $43.02 in sales tax
and $716.98 into the RBAA Operations Account; and $125 in anonymous
contributions which went into the RBAA Gift Account – attendance 145.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th concerts of the 2nd Annual Summer Fest Concerts featured
“Nervous Melvin and the Mistakes” on July 17, the “Tymes Band” on August 7
and the “Vinyl Kings” on August 14 – total gate of $500; total bar sales of beer
and wine $946; total soda sales of $76; total of $201anonymous cash donations;
and a total of $235 check donations – total attendance 342.
The Red Barn hosted 3 WFPK “Live Lunch” productions for the 1 st time ever
sponsored by SAB, with the RBAA contributing $250 for production, on Friday,
September 18, Friday, October 16 and Friday, November 20.
The Red Barn hosted the A and S Alumni Council and RBAA Game Watch of the U
of L vs. UConn men’s game at U-Conn which raised $400 of which $180 was
placed into the A and S Restricted Contingency Account, $20 into the A and S
Alumni Fund, $70 into the RBAA Gift Account, $25 into the endowed Harold
Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund, $50 into the RBAA Endowment and $55 into
the Dennis C. Golden Torchbearer Endowment – attendance 55.
A $100 check was received from the Fryberger Sing Board earmarked and placed
into the RBAA Endowment in appreciation of our providing the Red Barn truck
for this great event.
We raised a total of $2,858 at the 25th Annual SAB and RBAA Crawfish Boil on
Friday, April 16, 2010, at the Red Barn which included: 1) The gate of $2,055 of
which $685 was placed into the Dennis C. Golden Torchbearer Endowment; $685
was placed into the RBAA Endowment; and $685 into the RBAA Gift Account; 2)
$80 in anonymous donations was placed into the Dennis C. Golden Torchbearer
Endowment; 3) $100 check received was placed into the Dennis C. Golden
Torchbearer Endowment; 4) $623 from the sale of beer of which $35.26 was
sales tax and the balance of $587.74 was placed into the RBAA Operations
Account – attendance 411.
At the 25th Annual SAB and RBAA Crawfish Boil, we honored, with a plaque for
the Red Barn Wall of Fame, all the past current and new members of the SAB
and all persons who have and will contribute to the success of this most
hallowed tradition at U of L. During the awards portion of this event, Dave
Baugh, Charlotte Bowen Hardin and George Howe were presented a crawfish pot
inscribed: “25 Years and Still Boilin’! In Celebration of the 25th Annual Crawfish
Boil on April 16, 2010 Special Thanks to “Crawdads” George Howe, Dave Baugh
and Charlotte Bowen (Hardin).”
The Red Barn hosted the 1st Annual Senior Cookout on May 5, 2010, coordinated
by Tim Moore and sponsored by SGA, Alumni Association, Student Affairs and
Undergraduate Affairs with the Red Barn Programs Office providing $958.80
from the RBPO budget – attendance 257.
We had a net profit of $176, 13 tables and 88 participants at the Annual Kelly J.
Higgins Day at the Races at Churchill Downs on May 23 – the net profit of $176
was divided with $50 each into the RBAA Endowment, the Florence M. Strickler
Endowment and the Dennis C. Golden Torchbearer Endowment and $26 into the
RBAA Gift Account.
We had a net profit of $810, 15 teams and 60 participants at the 15 th Annual
RBAA Golf Scramble at the Crossings Golf Course on Saturday, June 12, 2010 –
the net profit of $810 was divided with $200 each going into the RBAA
Endowment, the Florence M. Strickler Endowment and the Dennis C. Golden
Torchbearer Endowment and $208 going into the RBAA Gift Account.
We have received a total of 70 contributions from our 11 th Annual 2009 Fall
The RBAA has several new members who include Alex Hunnicutt, Paul Latham,
Josh Hardman, Robin Chrisman, Meghan Rouse and Bill Gordon.
George is a member of and served on the Student Affairs Development
Committee and Team.
George is a member of and served on the CODRE Student Engagement
3. StaffingSummary:
As the 2009-2010 year began, the staff of Student Activities and Student
Activities Center will be:
Professional Staff
Tim Moore, Director of Student Activities and Student Activities Center
Dave Shaw, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Facilities
Joni Burke, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Greek Life and Recognized
Student Organizations
Julie Onnembo, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Programming
Albert Burton, Coordinator of Services
Kenny Quisenberry, Coordinator of Services
Sharon Mudd, Coordinator of Recognized Student Organizations and the
National Student Exchange
Brian Peeples, Advisor to the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
Stuart Neff, Program Coordinator for the Student Activities Board
Suzanne Galbreath, Unit Business Manager
Teresa Smith, Administrative Assistant
Graduate Assistants
Matthew Vetter, Programming
Lauren Berman, Greek Life
Paige Hincker, Off Campus Programming and Services
Jeremy Johnson, Recognized Student Organizations
Matt Selm, Student Organization Support and Services
Elizabeth Cassidy, will be interning in the fall 2009
Chris Shaw, from the College Student Personnel (CSP) Program in summer 2009
Aris Hall from the College Student Personnel (CSP) Program in summer 2009
Kate Sureck, Morehead State University in summer 2009
Red Barn
Tim Moore
Joni Burke
Julie Onnembo
Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Greek Life & Organizations
Dave Shaw
Kenny Quisenberry
Brian Peeples
Stuar Neff
Coordinator Services
NPHC Adviser
Program Coordiantor
Graduate Assistant
Graduate Assistant
Graduate Assistant
Graduate Assistant
Albert Burton
Coordiantor Services
George Howe
Suzanne Galbreath
Teresa Smith
Sharon Mudd
Unit Business Manager
Adminstrative Assistant
Program Coordiantor
Graduate Assistant
Sharon Mudd position changed from primarily helping student groups with event
reservations to being the primary reservationist for the SAC and Red Barn for
events. I also now serve as a liaison between the Superintendant of Grounds
and users of outdoor spaces on campus.
Brian Peeples, NPHC Advisor submitted his resignation in April, 2010. Kellynn
Wilson was appointment as advisor in the summer of 2010.
Fourteen part-time student workers assisted all staff in the department
(especially front desk and facilities).
As the 2010-2011 year begins, the new graduate assistants for Student Activities
and Student Activities Center will be:
o Tracey Walterbusch, Off Campus Programming and Services
o Holly Bradford, Greek Life
o Lyston Skerritt, Recognized Student Organizations Support and Services/
Greek Life
o Josh Hardman, Recognized Student Organizations
o The full-time professional staff will remain the same. A new NPHC Advisor
will be hired.
Activities and Initiatives that Support Academic Units:
Coordinated a panel of fraternity and sorority leaders for the College Student
Personnel class on “Student Subcultures” in fall 2009.
Supervised three Graduate Assistants from the CSP program, 20 hours per week.
Participated in the GAPSA-CSP Internship Fair.
Supported the Welcome Weekend Information tents by working shifts.
Coordinated schedules with the Honors Program, REACH Ambassadors, and the
Marching Band to enable new entering students to participate in these activities
as well as sorority recruitment week.
Sponsored a table at the fall Campus Preview Day.
The Fryberger Sing contributed a donation to the School of Music Scholarship
Fund through the UofL Foundation in return for assistance with obtaining risers
for the annual performance.
National Student Exchange placed 12 students for exchange during the 2009-10
academic year. Accepted 4 students for exchange during the 2009-010 academic
Graduate School/Professional Schools
Graduate School Dinner Dance
Lecturer – Calpernia Addams
Big Four Mixers at Health Sciences campus
Homecoming cookout at Health Sciences campus
Welcome Week cookout at Health Sciences campus
Pan African Studies
International Fashion Show
Fifty Years of Black History
African Night
Popular Professor Series
Humanities Programs
Ethnic Festivals
Theatrical Performance “The Vagina Monologues”
At the Floyd Film Series
Arts Madness
Deaf Awareness Day
Social Science and Education Programs
Take Back the Night Rally and Vigil
Body Awareness/Body Appreciation Week
Alcohol Awareness Week
Community Service Fair
Popular Professor Series
School of Music
Lunchtime Jazz performances in the SAC Atrium
Activities and Services that Support Diversity:
The SAC hosted many events that support cultural diversity including the Chinese
Moon Fest, Latino College Fair, NAACP Diversity Concert, International Fashion
Show, Diwali, Study Abroad Fair, Pride Week Events, SCORE Black History Month
Celebration, Theta Beta Gospel Concert, NAACP Freedom Ball, Chinese New
Year, Muslim Fast-A-Thon, Black History LGBT Coffeehouse, BABA Week,
International Banquet, African Night, Franco, and the Conquerors Through Christ
Black Men’s Appreciation Dinner
Joni Burke chaired the NPHC Suite Advisory Board that met monthly during the
Academic term to manage the NPHC Suite in Community Park. Brian Peeples
also served on the board.
Joni Burke and Brian Peeples served as resources for the NPHC Task Force set up
by the Dean of Students Office to come up with a strategic plan for enhancing
Greek Life staff supported students in the planning and execution of the annual
NPHC Homecoming Dance and the spring Step Show.
The Student Activities staff attended the following events:
o NPHC Step Show
o Campus Martin Luther King Jr. Diversity Program
The Student Activities Board presented the following events in support of
diversity initiatives:
International Fashion Show
Common Ground Gay Pride Week Lecturer, Calpernia Addams
Community Service Fair
Take Back the Night
Women’s Empowerment Luncheon
Flamenco Lessons
“The Vagina Monologues”
Body Awareness/Body Appreciation Week
Deaf Awareness Day
Native American Heritage Event
Holi Festival
African Night
Getting Back to Campus
Fifty Years of Black History
Films that Supported Diversity:
“The Other Side of Immigration”
“Rudo Y Cusi”
“Invisible Children”
“Che Part 1 & Part 2”
“Boys Don’t Cry”
“A Single Man”
“Lost and Delirious”
“The Class”
“The Grocer’s Son”
“Flight of the Red Balloon”
“The Witness”
“Sita Sings the Blues”
“A Christmas Tale”
“Dead Snow”
“Good Hair”
“What I Want My Words To Do To You”
“Black Dynamite”
“The Secret Life of Bees”
“Pride & Prejudice”
“A Taste of Tea”
“Blood Done Sign My Name”
Activities and Services that Support Community Service and/or Civic Engagement:
Student Activities sponsored a team in the 2009 American Heart Association’s
HeartWalk. Twenty students and staff raised over $260 and helped U of L rank
9th among corporate teams in the city.
The three Greek governing councils served as sponsors for the annual “Take Back
the Night”.
Some of the many activities sponsored by fraternities and sororities that
supported community engagement:
o Kappa Delta Sorority sponsored “Sham, Rock, and Walk”- 5K Walk in
Iroquois Park to benefit the prevention of child abuse
o Chi Omega Sorority raised $25,000 at their annual Chili Cookoff to allow
three children’s wishes to be granted through the Make a Wish
o Delta Zeta sponsored the 3rd annual “Miss U of L Pageant” and presented
over $3500 in cash and tuition scholarships. The 2010 Miss UofL is
Melanie Brison.
o Delta Zeta also raised $21,800 at an auction to benefit local and national
speech and hearing organizations
o Sigma Chi collected over 100 blankets during their sorority “Fort Building
Contest” to benefit Project Warm
o Sigma Chi and Sigma Phi Epsilon co-sponsored the “CamSlam” Homerun
Derby at Patterson Baseball Stadium to benefit the Leukemia and
o Society in honor of a Sigma Phi Epsilon member that was diagnosed with
o Zeta Phi Beta Sorority sponsored their annual “Sleepout for the
o Kappa Sigma Fraternity sponsored their annual relay with the game ball
prior to the U of L vs. UK football game to raise money for the Fischer
Houses, for wounded veterans
o Sororities and fraternities donated $9500 to Kosair Charities from funds
raised during the 2010 Greek Week
o The Panhellenic Council collected over 3,700 cans of food during their
annual “CANSTRUCTION” event that featured designs created from cans
collected for the local Dare to Care Food Bank.
o Sororities collected over 200 pairs of gently used blue jeans to the
Healing Place, as part of the “ Feel Good in Your Genes” campaign.
o The Panhellenic Council served as a sponsor and had representation on
the steering committee for the annual BABA (Body Awareness/ Body
Appreciation) Week
o Fryberger Greek Sing donated $100 to the Red Barn Endowment Fund
and $50 to the U of L School of Music Scholarship Fund
Community involvement of the Assistant Director of Student Activities/ Greek
Advisor included serving on the Junior League of Louisville’s Sustainer Advisory
Board, House Committee of the University Club, Deacon at Harvey Browne
Presbyterian Church, and Secretary of the Louisville Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae
o In cooperation with the Kentucky Center for the arts, the Student
Activities Board and Student Activities continued in the fall and spring
semesters with the “Arts Madness” program through which members
from the UofL community could purchase $10 - $15 tickets to selected
events. A limited number of tickets for selected Kentucky Center
Presents programs were available for purchase at the Student Activities
Office. Tickets were also available at the Kentucky Center Box Office at a
special price for those from the UofL community who were paying with a
credit card or who were wishing to bring a guest with them to the event.
Our plan was to provide quality Performing Arts programs at a
discounted price while engaging the students to support the
programming efforts produced in the City of Louisville. .
Tickets were available for the following:
September 24, 2009– Ahn Trio
September 25 – Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain
September 26 – Richard Kogan – The Mind and Music of Tchaikovsky
October 4 – Mark O’Connor’s Appalachia Waltz Trio
October 9 –Béla Fleck, Zakir Hussain and Edgar Meyer
October 22 - Grupo Fantasma
November 5- JIGU! Thunder Drums of China
o November 13 - The Asylum Street Spankers - Sin & Salvation
o November 21 - Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company's Fondly Do We
Hope. Fervently Do We Pray
o December 3 - Straight No Chaser
o December 20 - Riders in the Sky - Christmas the Cowboy Way
o January 23, 2010 - The Dark Side of the Wall
o February 3 - Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy MastersMaters of the
o February 12 – Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience
o February 16 – Soweto Gospel Choir
o March 13 – Celtic Crossroads
o May 21 – One Man Lord of the Rings
o June 26 – The Second City Touring Company
SAB contributed $200 to the Metro United Way from voluntary contributions at
the 2009 Homecoming Cookout. SAB has given the Metro United Way a total of
$3,892.18 over the past 10 years from voluntary contributions from these
The Special Interest Committee held the fourth annual Community Service Fair.
Over 30 organizations from the campus and the community were on hand to
distribute information and sign-up volunteers.
The purpose of the annual “Take Back the Night” is to bring together
organizations, civic leaders, and individuals of Louisville Metro to protest
violence against women and to promote awareness of the attitudes, beliefs, and
behaviors which perpetuate this specific type of violence.
The purpose of the Earth Fest information fair was to openly communicate the
concerns of Global Warming and the effects on the environment with the
campus community. We believe that this is an issue that impacts the whole
community. This year we worked more closely with the Sustainability committee
and the program showcased the new recycling initiative and how students can
make an impact on the fight against Global Warming. Over 30 community
vendors, ranging from student groups to local community groups, gave out
information and tips on how to minimize the effects of global warming and to
preserve our planet. The Student Activities Board gave away tree saplings for
students to take home and plant in their backyards.
The Floyd Theater continued its contributions to Louisville’s cinematic arts scene
with screenings of several independent film premieres and a significant
promotional presence in the community. Furthermore, it provided the
community’s film-going public with additional opportunities to see several
independent films which had very limited runs at other theaters.
The department participated in the Angel Tree program through the Office of
Community Engagement. Three children’s wish lists were completely fulfilled
through the department’s employee participation. The department also
participated in the Help for Haiti initiative by selling buttons at the front desk.
The proceeds were forwarded to the Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership
for disbursement. Our front office has been used as a collection point for
numerous philanthropic activities.
The Student Activities Board donated all food for the “Hearts for Haiti” cookout
on February 11. All proceeds from lunch and flower sales were donated to an
orphanage in Haiti.
Albert Burton is a Deacon at Canaan Christian Church. Albert also serves as a
Church School Teacher and Decision Counselor at Canaan. Albert volunteers time
as a Reading Coach for the Canaan Community Development Corporation.
Begun on March 10, 1990, the Highland United Methodist Church (HUMC)
United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) Aluminum Can Recycling Program
has raised $37,080.79. From July 2009 through June 2010, we have raised
$2,771. Approximately 25% of the cans that we recycle come from U of L. Since
July 1, 2009, we have contributed a total of $350 to U of L of which $250 was
placed into the Torchbearer Endowment and $100 into the Florence M. Strickler
Endowment. We also contributed $100 to NPHC at U of L to help NPHC with the
expenses related to NPHC 2009 Homecoming activities. The balance of the
money raised goes to the Youth Ministries and operating budget at HUMC and
other worthy causes which included 1)$25 to the Campus Crusade for Christ at U
of L; 2) $25 to the 2010 Crusade for Children; 3) $50 to the 13 th Annual Empty
Bowls at Bellarmine University for the Highland Community Ministries
IFAP(Individual Family Assistance Program); 4) $75 to United Methodist Homes;
5) $25 for Lighthouse Ministries; 6) $25 for the 2009 Louisville Aids Walk; and 7)
$25 to the 2009 Hosparus Walk. We currently recycle approximately 5,000 lbs.
of aluminum each year. Our efforts have been recognized by Mitchell Payne in
the VPA office as our recycling efforts contribute to U of L participation in the KY
Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development. We are now
recycling aluminum cans in support of the “Single Stream” recycling program at
U of L. We presently recycle cans in 18 departments / buildings on the U of L
Belknap Campus. We presently collect aluminum cans from the Presbyterian
Center, the Speed Museum, the Louisville Ballet, Stokers on Dixie Highway, the
VFW in Middletown, the Seidenfaden’s Café on Vine Street and from many
individuals and families throughout the city. A great many aluminum cans come
from the members of our church, HUMC.
Karen and George Howe hosted the 16th Overall and the 15th Annual French Corn
Fest at their home at 2136 Maryland Avenue on July 1, 2009, which raised $258
for the U of L Montpellier Sister Cities Gift Account #G0127 (administered
thought the International Center). The focus of this popular event is to host the
several dozen visiting students to U of L from Montpellier, France, who come to
this event with their host families and are joined by friends of Elaine Wise and of
Karen and George Howe. Elaine Wise, Chair of Humanities in the College of Arts
and Sciences, and Karen and George started this event in 1993 and a total of
$5,820.65 has been placed into the U of L Montpellier Sister Cities Gift Account
from the 16 French Corn Fests.
George participated in the Diversity Vision Video on July 20, 2009, coordinated
by Brian Buford.
Red Barn hosted a benefit concert featuring “Stonedog” for the “Ride to Conquer
Cancer” on August 1, 2009 – attendance 69.
The 2nd Annual Red Barn 2009 Summer Fest Concert #4 on August 14, 2009,
raised $530 for the University Special Initiatives Gift Account and Employee
Assistance Fund (the former was established to help restore the damage done to
U of L by the flood of 2009 and the latter was established to help U of L
employees affected by the flood of 2009).
George contributed $25 to the American Heart Association to help Cherie
Osbourne in the Kentuckiana Heart Walk on September 26, 2009 (Cherie is a
staff member in Alumni).
George delivered 123 sandwiches to the Wayside Mission from the Welcome
Weekend lunch on August 22 in the SAC MR.
George delivered all the extra food to Wayside Mission from the DOS Field Days
at the Red Barn on August 26, 2009.
George purchased a Restoration Fund T-shirt on September 10 for the Restore U
of L Fund for employees affected by the 2009 flood.
George contributed $50 to the American Heart Association on September 17,
2010, through Joni Burke who was collecting $ for the American Heart
Association’s Heart Walk.
George Howe in October 2009, contributed to the U of L Cares Program for 2010
by contributing the following through payroll deduction: $10 per month to the
Metro United Way; $25 per month to the RBAA Gift Account #G0461; and $25
per month to the George J. Howe Student Leadership Gift Account #G1873.
George supported and provided coordination for the “U of L Cares” cookout at
the HSC Courtyard on October 1, 2009 – attendance 500.
The Red Barn hosted the “U of L Cares” cookout on October 2, for which George
provided support and coordination – attendance 300.
The Big 4 and SAB Homecoming Mixer at the HSC on Tuesday, October 6, 2009,
contributed $200 to the Metro United Way – including this event, we have
contributed a total of $3,892.18 to the Metro United Way from 11 Big 4 and SAB
Mixers since September 16, 2003.
Karen and George Howe attended and contributed to the 13 th Annual HCM
(Highland Community Ministries) Empty Bowls for IFAP (Individual and Family
Assistance Program) at Bellarmine University on Thursday, October 8, 2009.
George contributed $50 on October 9, to NHPC to help NPHC with 2009 NPHC
Homecoming activities.
George supported and provided coordination for the School of Public Health “U
of L Cares” cookout on October 14, 2009 – attendance $50 and raised $300.
Provided 1 thermos for the Pan African Studies “U of L Cares” Grab a Cup of Joe
and Book on October 20.
George purchased caramel corn for $20 from Trevor Hagel on October 20, for his
Boy Scout Troop.
The Red Barn hosted the Financial Aid Cardinal Covenant benefit on October 26,
2009, which raised $720.
Provided 3 Pepsi tanks and 6 buckets of ice for the Annual “U of L Cares”
Grawemeyer Hall Chili Fest on November 2, 2009, which raised $320.
Provided 2 mats, 2 power strips, 2 extension cords, 2 coolers and 6 buckets of ice
for the Pan African Studies “U of L Cares” Bowl of Soul on November 3, 2009,
which raised $744.
The Red Barn hosted the STAR cookout on November 6, to benefit the U of L
Autism Center – George provided support and coordination for this event.
Provided 75 bottled waters and soft drinks for Kim Johnson and Service Learning
who hosted a workshop in the Floyd Theater on November 7, 2009, as part of
the Peace and Social Justice Week.
Provided 26 tables and the Red Barn truck for the Chi Omega Chili Cookoff
Benefit for “Make a Wish” at Joe’s Crab Shack on November 7, 2009.
The Red Barn hosted the U of L School of Dentistry Class of 2011 Talent Show
and Benefit for the U of L Pediatric Department Indigent Card Fund on
November 7, 2009.
Provided Valerie Browning extra soft drinks for the “House on the Hill”
sponsored by Centennial Baptist Church on November 10.
George purchased a meal at Mark’s Feed Store for $18 of which 15% of this
amount benefited the U of L Martin Luther King Day of Service.
George contributed $30 on November 18, 2009, for the 2 Student Activities
Angel Tree gifts.
The Red Barn hosted the AOPi Thanksgiving Dinner Benefit for Arthritis Research
on November 23 - George contributed $5.
Provided the hall of the Red Barn beginning on November 30, 2009, as a drop off
area for items to go to Goodwill sponsored by the DOS Sustainability Committee.
Provided 10 / 6’ Gator tables for the Sigma Chi Fraternity Elementary School
Christmas party at the Sigma Chi House on December 4, 2009.
Provided 12 chaffers, 20 cans of sterno and serving utensils on December 9, for
the Kappa Delta Sorority Biscuit and Gravy Dinner at the Kappa Sigma Suite
which raised $730 for “Child Abuse America.”
George purchased 4 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies for $14 on January 8, 2010, for
our troops through Katie Crawford for her Girl Scout Troop #1675 with the help
of her Mother, Julie Crawford, who is a U of L Graduate and was very active in
SAB and DZ Sorority.
The Red Barn hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive on January 12, 2010, and received
118 good units of blood.
Provided 12 cap and gown boxes and 1 roll of 2” clear packing tape for the
Counseling Center for the collection of medical supplies for Haiti on January 29.
The Red Barn hosted the Housing Haiti Day on January 31, 2010.
Provided Collegiate 100 3 cap and gown boxes on February 8, 2010 for the
Collegiate 100 “Clean Your Closet” set up on a reserved table in the SAC for
The Red Barn hosted the SAB and SGA “Hearts for Haiti” benefit lunch on
February 11, 2010 – attendance 87.
George contributed $100 for Stuart Neff to attend the NACA 50th Anniversary
Gala on February 13, 2010, at the 50th Anniversary Convention in Boston.
Red Barn hosted Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service “Jump Rope
for Heart” event on February 22, 2010.
George contributed $5 on February 26, to Mary Mudd for the “Making Change”
benefit for Common Ground.
The Red Barn hosted the Office of Civic Engagement and Leadership Conference
luncheon on March 6, 2010.
George contributed $50 to NPHC on March 7, 2010, to help with the expense of
the NPHC Stepshow at the Brown Theater.
George gave Jerome Stephens $75 in the Office of Civic Engagement and
Leadership on March 9, 2010, from the sale of 25 Disaster Relief buttons all to
benefit Haiti relief through the American Red Cross.
George contributed $10 on March 18, 2010, toward a gift for Dave Shaw who
had an operation on his shoulder.
George gave 2 / $15 each gift cards to Beef O Brady’s to Lisa Baunach and
Carolyn Davison in Advancement for all their help with our 5 endowments and 7
programs through Advancement.
The Red Barn hosted the 14th Annual Omega Psi Phi Graduate Chapter “Men of
Quality” meeting on March 19, 2010.
George purchased 12 chances for $12 for the Registrar’s Office Benefit Breakfast
at the Houchins building #37 on March 23, 2010, to help send Roxanne and
Alexis Gillenwater to China.
The Red Barn hosted the MAPS Red Cross Blood Drive on March 30, 2010, and
received 82 good units of blood.
George was pied and contributed $5 to the Delta Sigma Theta Pie-a-Card benefit
at the West Plaza on April 1, 2010.
George contributed $30 on April 8, 2010, to the Indiana Avenue Christian Church
in Jeffersonville, at the request of Bre Hogue who graduated from U of L who
was an outstanding student.
The Red Barn hosted the Honors Student Council Book and Media Sale on April 8
-10, 2010, which netted $10,000 for Kosair Children’s Hospital.
Provided Sigma Chi and Sigma Epsilon Fraternities 8 tables on April 8, 2010, for
the CamSlam Home Run Derby Benefit for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at
Jim Patterson Stadium.
Provided helium, garbage cans, ice and the Red Barn truck for the Kappa Delta
5K Run for “Prevent Child Abuse America” on April 10, 2010 – attendance 706.
The Red Barn hosted the Office of Civic Engagement with Ideas to Action and the
Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership and Service Community Engagement
Showcase on April 12, 2010 – attendance 369.
Provided the Red Barn truck and 16 cases of bottled water for the Health Care
Classic 5K Run with U of L Medical School student Paul Mick as our contact
The Red Barn hosted the Phi Delta Theta Red Cross Blood Drive on April 20,
2010, and received 70 good units of blood.
George gave $20 to Teresa Smith on April 23, 2010, for her 50th Birthday.
Provided the Medical School Class of 2010 Picnic “Healthy for Life” for young
people 4 garbage cans, 2 with ice on the Great Lawn on May 6, 2010.
George contributed $20 to the University Club for the “Club’s Landscaping
Project” on May 10.
George contributed $25 on May 14, 2010, to become a sponsor of the 2011
Spirit calendar sponsored by the U of L Cheerleaders and Ladybirds Dance Team.
Provided support and coordination for the Annual Controller’s Angel Fund
Cookout on May 19, 2010, which raised $391 for the Salvation Army Angel Fund.
Provided 2 grills for the BMX Derby City cookout on May 15, 2010, at Tom
Sawyer Park.
Provided 2 grills and 4 garbage cans, 2 with ice for the Department of
Corrections cookout at Des Pres Park.
Provided 25 / 85” X 85” and 5 / 115” X 54” white linen tablecloths for Trish
Cooper, Director of Nursing, for her son’s wedding and reception on May 29,
2010, at the Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center.
Staff Professional Development Activities and Programs:
The Student Activities Department is an institutional member of the Association
of College Unions International and the National Association for Campus
Joni Burke is a member of the National Association of Student Personnel
Administrators (NASPA), American College Personnel Administrators (ACPA), and
the Association of Fraternity/ Sorority Advisors (AFA).
Lauren Berman is a member of ACPA, AFA, CPAK, and GAPSA.
Jeremy Johnson is a member of ACPA, NACA, ACPA, SACSA, and served as
the Graduate Student Coordinator and Program reviewer for CPAK, and CoDirector of Programming for GAPSA. He also served as treasurer of the U of L
Education Graduate Student Association.
Matt Selm is a member of ACPA, AFA, and CPAK.
Paige Hincker is a member of the National Association of Campus Activities
(NACA), Association of College Unions-International (ACUI), National Association
of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), Association of College Personnel
Administrators (ACPA), and College Personnel Administrators of Kentucky
Matthew Vetter is a member of the National Association of Campus Activities
(NACA), Association of College Unions-International (ACUI), National Association
of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), and American of College
Personnel Administrators
Julie Onnembo and Stuart Neff are members of the National Association of
Campus Activities (NACA), Association of College Unions-International (ACU-I),
Association of College Personnel Administrators (ACPA) and National Association
of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA).
Conferences Attended:
Teresa Smith attended the EMS Users Conference
Joni Burke attended the 2009 AFA Annual meeting in Jacksonville, FL along with
Matt Selm and Lauren Berman.
Lauren was one of eight 2nd year graduate students from around the country to
be selected to work on the AFA Annual meeting Graduate Staff. This is a first for
U of L! She provided logistics support for the meeting.
Julie Onnembo, Paige Hincker, Lauren Berman and Matt Selm participated in the
2010 ACPA Annual Conference. Jeremy Johnson also attended the ACPA
Conference and participated in the Case Study Competition.
Jeremy Johnson was selected to serve as a Graduate Intern for the National
Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Conference.
Paige Hincker, Lauren Berman and Matt Selm participated in the 2010 NASPA the
Placement Exchange.
Sharon Mudd attended the National Student Exchange Conference and the EMS
Users Conference.
Matt Selm attended the Kentucky Association of Housing Officers Conference as
well as the careers in Student Affairs Conference sponsored by CPAK
David Shaw attended the 2010 ACUI National Conference in New York City, New
York in March 2010.
David Shaw attended the 2009 NASPA Region III and SACSA Mid-Managers
Institute held at St. Leo University in Florida in June 2009
Stuart Neff and Matthew Vetter attended NACA National conference in spring
George Howe Matthew Vetter, Julie Onnembo and Stuart Neff attended CPAK in
spring 2010
Julie Onnembo judged the case study competition at CPAK in spring 2010.
Matthew Vetter attended NASPA in spring 2010
Lauren Berman co-created and co-presented with Matthew Vetter two
presentations at the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference in Atlanta, GA. The
presentations were entitled, “Opening the Ritual Closet: Unlocking Potential of
Fraternity Values” and “Opening the Ritual Closet: Reflecting and Acting on Our
Fraternal Values.”
Joni Burke presented at the Southeastern Panhellenic Conference in Atlanta, GA
in 2010. The presentation with Frances Mitchell and Tiffany Eisenbise was
entitled, “Spare Me the Drama! Creating Change in Panhellenic”.
U of L participated in the 1st annual Poster Presentation for the AFA Annual
Meeting. The poster focused on the campus initiative of the NPHC Chapter Suite
in Community Park and the benefits for students related to possession and usage
of the NPHC Suite.
Matt Selm served as a Graduate Student Panelist at the Careers in Student
Affairs Conference, sponsored by CPAK in November, 2009 at U of L.
Matt Selm co-presented with Jacqueline Smith on, “Copyright Policy Redefined:
Legal Issues, Adjudication Processes, and Policy Reform” at the Kentucky
Association of Housing Officers Conference at U of L in October, 2009.
Jeremy Johnson co-presented at the CPAK Conference in Louisville on, “Student
Conduct: A Means to Enhancing Critical Thinking”.
Jeremy Johnson co-presented on, “Entourage, Beach Balls, and Snickers:
Essential Elements for a Successful Officer Transition & Retreat” in Boston at
Matthew Vetter presented “Opening the ritual closet: unlocking the potential of
fraternity values” at SEIFC in spring 2010
Matthew Vetter presented “Enhancing the LGBT collegiate experience” at CPAK
in spring 2010
David Shaw presented an Ed Session on “Using Microsoft Visio to Create Room
Diagrams for your Facility… the Basics”.
Julie Onnembo served on the following committees:
o Selection committee for Student Orientation Leaders Spring 2010
o Judge for the 2010 Greek Man and Woman of the Year
o Alumni Association Homecoming Committee
o Welcome Weekend Committee
o Cardinal Covenant Advisory Committee
o Block Party 2009 Committee
o Student Awards Committee
o PEACC - Take Back the Night and V-Day Committees
o Summer Concert Series Committee
Stuart Neff served on the following committees:
o Family Weekend Committee
o Summer Concert Series Committee
o Additionally, Stuart Neff assisted the following University departments in
coordinating various events:
o Student Government and VPSA- Nappy Roots Concert
o Modern Languages- French Film Festival
o First Year Initiatives- Other Side of Immigration Screening
o Baptist Campus Ministries- Collision Screening
o Women’s Center & Women 4 Women- Women’s Film Fest
Paige Hincker served on the following committees;
o 2010 Adult Learner Awards Committee
o Family Weekend 2009 Planning Committee
Matthew Vetter served on the following committees:
o SROW 2010 Planning Committee
Matthew Vetter and Paige Hincker served as members of the Graduate
Association of Personnel in Student Affairs (GAPSA)
Joni Burke serves as the advisor to four national honor societies: Phi Eta Sigma
Freshman Honor Society, Rho Lambda Panhellenic Honor Society, Order of
Omega Greek Honor Society, and Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership
Joni Burke served on the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Alumni Scholarship
Committee, served on the U of L Welcome Weekend Steering Committee and on
U of L’s Steering Committee for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.
She also attends meetings with the Office of Civic Engagement to define and
recognize community service at U of L and assisted with the interviews of the
applicants for the Student Orientation staff.
Sharon Mudd served on the Alcohol Coalition, Red Barn Summerfest, Family
Weekend, and Student Awards Committee.
All of the Greek Life/ RSO staff members assisted with the 11th annual Student
Awards program
David Shaw chaired the 2010 University of Louisville Veterans Symposium held at
the Seelbach Hotel in February 2010. The symposium had 70 paid participants
with University students and guests boosted total participants to 100. Over 43
different institutions and Veteran Organizations were represented from 23
different states.
Joni Burke served on the host committee for the Donna M. Bourassa Mid-Level
Management Institute that was held in Louisville, January 2010.
David Shaw served on the Host Committee for the ACPA Donna M. Bourrassa
Mid-level Management Institute hosted by the University of Louisville in January
of 2010. This was the third consecutive year of a three year term that the
University of Louisville had hosted this event.
George Howe served as a member the CODRE Student Engagement Committee
George Howe served as a member of the Student Affairs Development
George Howe served on the Harold Adams Award Selection Committee though
the Dean of Students Office with the 2nd recipient being Ms. Jenny Sawyer who
received this award at the 11th Annual Student Awards on Monday, April 12,
2010. George Howe prepared a 7 page history of Harold “Butch” Adams to help
in the application and selection process on January 10, 2009.
Suzanne Galbreath served on the Staff Senate, Staff Policy Review Committee,
Shared Leave and Great Places to Work committees and Student Life Awards
Teresa Smith served on the screening committee for the 2009 Outstanding
Performance Awards for Classified/Professional & Administrative staff and was a
member of the Family Weekend planning committee.
Years of Service Recognition:
 Dave Shaw – 20 years
 Kenny Quisenberry 15 years
 Sharon Mudd 10 years
Julie Onnembo was awarded the 2009 Ally Award given by commonGround for
her commitment to the LGBT students and community.
Julie Onnembo was awarded the 2010 Intramural and Recreational Sports
Service Award for her commitment to working with the Intramural Office and
their programs and for her assistance in the Up All Night Program.
The Student Activities Office, under the direction of Julie Onnembo and Teresa
Smith, was awarded First Place in the March Madness Office Decorating Contest
Sponsored by the Dean of Students Office.
Jeremy Johnson was the winner of the Case Study Competition at the Southern
Association for College Student Affairs Annual Conference.
Matt Selm and Jimmy Byers (North Carolina State University graduate student)
won first place in the National Order of Omega Case Study Competition at
the2009 AFA Annual Meeting.
Lauren Berman was received the honor of Graduate Student Dean’s Citation for
achievement in her graduate work in College Student Personnel.
Jeremy Johnson was also selected as a recipient of the Graduate Student Dean
Citation and was selected the Outstanding Student in College Student Personnel
for 2010. Jeremy was selected for admission into Omicron Delta Kappa Honor
Society, Golden Key International Honor Society, and the Honor Society of Phi
Kappa Phi. Jeremy was honored with a NACA Zagunis Student Leader
Joni Burke was honored at the 2009 Alpha Delta Pi Sorority National Convention
in Orlando, Fl with the “Joan Perry Boatright Award” for leadership, service, and
loyalty to the sorority.
George Howe received a letter of appreciation and a certificate on September
28, 2009, for our help with the Sigma Chi Bone Marrow Drive at the Red Barn
from Linda V. Hilton, R. N., Donor Center Coordinator, CAMP (Cooperative
Appalachian Marrow Program) in Johnson City, TN 37601.
Suzanne Galbreath received the Outstanding Performance Award for
Classified/Professional and Administrative Staff.
University/Departmental Development
Sharon Mudd contributed, two articles were written for the Second Year
Newsletter, and the Vibrations Newsletter
Staff participated in the Student Activities retreats, Student Affairs Summer
Academy, Student Affairs Annual Retreat for Directors and Assistant Directors,
and professional development workshops on Strengths, CPR and MRSA Training.
Most of the Student Activities Staff, student managers and the SAB members
have all completed Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)/Automated External
Defibrillator (AED) training.
Assessment Initiatives:
A benchmark report was compiled concerning advertising policies for student
organizations, and a draft of guidelines for organizations to select a third party
The U of L Red Barn Programs Office / Student Activities Center Comment Sheet
asks the user to rate 6 areas related to the use of facilities and services of the
Red Barn Programs Office:
 Directed the receipt of a total of 396 of these completed
assessment/evaluation forms.
389 of these assessment/evaluations were in the “strongly agree”
category for each of the 6 areas, which is the highest rating
2 of these assessments/evaluations were in the “strongly agree”
category for 5 of the 6 areas with 1 area in the “agree” category.
4 of these assessments/evaluations were in the “strongly agree”
category for 4 of the 6 areas with 2 areas in the “agree” category.
1 of these assessments/evaluations were in the “strongly agree”
category for 4 of the 6 areas with 1 area in the “neutral” category
and 1area in the “disagree.”
The following assessment activities were conducted by the Student Activities
 Sorority and fraternity recruitment week participants completed surveysSeptember, 2009
 Meeting was held to discuss and evaluate the PH sorority chapter
membership total- October, 2009
 Meetings were held to discuss the PH sorority growth document (year 3)
and statistics were updated-March, 2009-May, 2010
 Greek Life participated with the Dean of Students Office in sending the
Greek database of rosters to Institutional Research to gain numbers on
retention of Greek students vs. unaffiliated students.
 Greek Life participated with the Office of Housing and Residence Life to
identify all the fraternity and sorority members that live in campus
chapter houses to code them to determine retention rates of Greeks who
live on campus.
 NPHC Stepshow – Several discussions in the fall resulted in the NPHC
Stepshow being moved to spring 2010.
 Fryberger Greek Sing- Wrap Up discussion at a board meeting and a song
chairs meeting after the event-March, 2010
 Greek Week- Hosted a discussion after the week to discuss the strengths
and weaknesses of the new format.
 Scholarship averages for every fraternity and sorority were calculated,
ranked, and distributed for the spring and fall semesters
 RSO Required meetings-written surveys were completed at the
conclusion of each meeting
 Alcohol Education Officer Meetings- written surveys were completed at
the conclusion of the case study presentations
Continued development of a front desk manual and “scavenger hunt”
assessment of knowledge for student workers. Recognized top performing
student staff with Student of the Month honors posted in our suite with their
picture and certificate.
Homecoming Event Online Survey, October 2009
Individual Event Surveys for SAB events, ongoing
SAB Peer Performance Evaluations – fall and spring semesters
SAB Leadership Workshops, ongoing
Student Demographic Tracking through Student IDs
CLAWS Rubric for SAB Director Evaluations
SAB Alumni Graduation Percentage and Survey
Department Goals 2010-2011:
Goal 1. Serve as UofL’s primary resource to positively engage all UofL students
to be involved in out-of-class activities for the UofL community.
Primary Outcome: Focal point for out-of class activities
Actions Taken:
 A wide variety of over 200 events programmed for all
students, faculty and Staff
 Resources provided to other RSO’s
 Co-sponsored events with other departments and Alumni
 Training and Development of SAB in terms of skills and talents
 Effectively Promote Student Affairs Programs and Services
 All in one calendars in the bus stops and Resident Halls
 Bulletin board promoting Student Activities services at the
Commuter Center in Davidson Hall.
 Skills and expertise provided by George to the RSO’s
Goal 2. Cultivate a favorable environment that is welcoming and offers desired
programs and services to create a dynamic campus life program for UofL
Primary Outcome: Nurture Environment
Actions Taken:
 Jazz in the Afternoon
Live Lunch
Various other programs provided by SAB
Goal 3. Be recognized as the leader in providing quality service to the UofL
Primary Outcome: Quality Service
Actions Taken:
 Production of the events set the standard for others to follow
 Provide expertise and skill in programming
 Timely delivery of service
 Serve as correspondent and consultants of new events both in
guidance and financially
 Asked to be involved with large events (i.e. Nappy Roots)
Goal 4. Expand and renew facilities to create a vibrant campus “living room”.
Primary Outcome: Expansion and Renovation
Action Taken:
 Good Morning Commuter program
 Jazz in the Afternoon increasing performances from 1 day a week
to 3 days a week in the SAC and one day at McAlister’s.
 Numerous fairs and cookouts
 Live Music in the Red Barn
Goal 5. Foster traditions and spirit at the University that instills a sense of pride
and purpose in students and alumni.
Primary Outcome: Build Community
Actions Taken
 Campus Life Awards
 Mr. and Ms. Cardinal
 Homecoming
 Earth Day
 Summerfest Concerts
 Welcome Weekend/Week Events
 Student Awards
 Live Lunch
 25th Annual Crawfish Boil
 Golf Scramble
 Day at the Races
Goal 6. Provide an outstanding professional preparation experience for graduate
students entering the field of campus activities
Primary Outcome: Professional Preparation
Actions Taken
 Conference Support
 Supervision of Staff
 Autonomy in doing work
 Serving on University Committees
 A Graduate Scholarship from the RBAA gift account
Goal 7. Be financially secure and increase operating funds to achieve envisioned
future and sustain success.
Primary Outcome: Financial Viability
Actions Taken
 Alex Hunnicutt was able to raise over $18,000 in programming
funds to finance SAB programs. $11,500 of that funding
specifically came from Class Act.
 Utilized CPC funds to enhance SAB programs
 Received funding from the RBAA funds and gift accounts
Goal 8. Form favorable partnership to expand programming and services for out
of class activities that add value to the campus community.
Primary Outcome: Partnerships
Actions Taken
 We had a significant increase in procuring partnerships across
campus to expand our programs.
Other major objected being undertaken include:
o Intend to implement and continue to enhance training by updating
procedure manuals and scheduling meetings with: RSO’s, SGA
Representatives, and front desk student workers.
o Identify student strengths to assign specific tasks and responsibilities
thereby giving them a sense of purpose and assisting us with retention of
student staff and reducing time spent retraining for subsequent school
o Change procard/purchasing procedures manual to streamline
student/staff requests for purchases.
o Increase revenue for the department and service to students by
developing and implementing a vendor fair at the beginning of the school
o Develop a mechanism for delivering a weekly department update.
Issues and Challenges for the Department During 2009-2010 and Beyond:
With budget constraints the department is unable to offer out-of-state tuition
remission to graduate assistants. Limited to offering in-state tuition remission
will affect the department’s ability to recruit the best students nationally to
prepare them for the profession.
Transient nature of student population makes it difficult to have continuity in
leadership and financial responsibility within student groups. Communication
between student groups and staff is a challenge due to the quantity and detail of
programming involved within each of the student groups.
Communication between student groups and staff is a challenge due to the
quantity and detail of programming involved within each of the student groups.
The reservations process continues to be time consuming for staff and this will
continue to increase as the SAC building is used more and eventually expanded.
As a department Student Activities continues to face the challenge of creating an
appropriate level of office support. The challenges noted below will continue to
affect the productivity of staff:
storage space
office space for student organizations
storage and workspace for the Greek governing councils
securing clerical support for the data entry for Greek Life, Recognized Student
Organizations, and the National Student Exchange
The creation of a Greek Housing Master Plan is becoming more pressing.
Securing permanent housing/meeting space for the five unhoused fraternities
needs to be resolved. An issue of helping Greek Organizations raise
funds/secure loans to make needed safety and security renovations to older
homes is difficult.
Cleanliness of the Student Activities Center continues to be a concern. The
quality of housekeeping services needs to be improved to meet the expectations
of the campus community. Research by the Association of Physical Plant
Administrators indicated that cleanliness of facilities can affect retention and
The SAB is always facing the challenge of meeting the demands of programs and
services that are requested by the student body and from the university
administration. Costs for entertainment are escalating due to rising gas prices
and the status of the economy, and the SAB budget is limited when it comes to
trying to meet everyone’s needs. The CPC program has been a great help, as
well as increased co-sponsorships, but we continue to research and secure other
funding to continue providing high quality programs for the students.
Staffing issues remain a concern. In the area of event coverage, the Graduate
Assistants have been a tremendous help but most of the load falls on the two
SAB advisors. The need of a large show, as requested by the students, will be a
big time commitment of the SAB advisors in addition to their current workload.
Student organizations need space for meetings and social functions. The prime
potential space for many functions is the Student Activities Center.
Accommodating high-profile large events in the Center is limited. Many existing
spaces outside of the Center that could be used for student social activities are
either controlled by academic departments or other divisions of the University.
Student groups have trouble gaining access to these spaces. A mechanism should
be created to make such existing space available for student use.
An expanded Center could accommodate the needs for larger meeting/function
rooms, departmental office spaces and informal social spaces. A large venue
within the Student Center needs to be created that is attractive to students and
can accommodate social events. The campus is in need of a flexibly configured,
"flat-floor" programming venue that can accommodate approximately 1250seated persons for large group meetings, speeches, concerts and dances.
Consistent and constant social programming must be a part of the Student
Activities Center. Programming makes the Center more than just a facility or a
service station; programming is what helps to create vibrant experiences for
students. The number of on-campus social programs must be increased to
create and support the truly diverse, multicultural, multisocio-economic, and
multiracial environment that exists at UofL. An increasingly diverse student
body will become an even more prominent hallmark of the institution in the
future. A review of program delivery systems and funding will need to take
New venues provide new opportunities to expand existing programming.
Activities must be extended to where students are at – programming goes to the
students. Student Activities may be able to provide management services for
facilities and events to other areas for the University given the staff’s expertise in
certain areas.
The Student Activities Center works to create value through partnerships with a
variety of departments, student organizations and vendors. Areas such as
Auxiliary Services and Dining Services are critical to Student Activities success.
Partnerships with many areas will continue to be critical in the future of the
Center. The new arena may present new opportunities for major concerts for
To grow conference services, the need for coordination and organizational
structure must be created. Student Activities is positioned to assume the
leadership for conference services in the next year.
The rising cost of tuition, and the lack of part time employment will make
students question the value and the cost associated with affiliating with our
Greek organizations.
Expansion of the Panhellenic Sorority system is sorely needed to meet the needs
of women students on campus and create a well balanced Greek community.
Technical IT support is needed for the implementation of Symplicity
The current economic climate makes raising large sums of money for housing
construction and renovations on campus owned land very challenging for and
alumni of Greek organizations.
Currently only four of our seven NPHC member groups are participating
members of the NPHC Suite. The Student Affairs Office continues to make
generous contributions to subsidize the cost of the suite. The small sizes of
some of our NPHC member groups make it difficult to commit funds to
Managing the growth of our IFC fraternities in light of the North-American
Interfraternity Conference Resolution on open expansion that allows fraternities
to colonize on campuses. We have currently had four inquiries in the last month
of interested groups. We want to control the growth so we can offer the
necessary support to any new groups.
Student Activities Metrics
Actual Count
Actual Count
Average Per Day
Average Per Day
8:00 AM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
9:00 AM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
11:00 AM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
1:00 PM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
3:00 PM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
5:00 PM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
7:00 PM
Commons Area
Computer Area
Study Room
*Please note figures above only contain days and times that were actually counted from
August 24, 2009 to April 30, 2010, not including weekends, holiday breaks and closures
due to storms. Some days and times were not accounted for due to inability for staff to
go to the center to make the count. Therefore these figures would be much larger.
Event Attendance: SAB had record total attendance for the 2009-2010 school year. The
total attendance was 27,615 attendees at over 200 events.
Fall 2009 event totals:
o Number of events: 113 (with films)
o Number of program hours: 323:30 (with films)
o Film Attendance: showings 50 @ 2,361 attendees
o Approximate number of students served: 18,418
Spring 2010 event totals:
o Number of events: 94 (with films)
o Number of program hours: 272:30(with films)
o Film Attendance: 48 showings @ 1,225 attendees
o Approximate number of students served: 9,197
2009-2010 SAB Members
Director of Programming-Alex Hunnicutt (White Male)
Director of Marketing-Paul Latham (White Male)
Director of Finance-Josh Hardman (White Male)
Chair-Jhalak Dholakia (Asian Female-Indian)
Vice Chair-Aisha Ndlovu (Black Female-African)
Chair- Dylan Bacovcin (White Male)
Vice Chair- Franklin Neff (White Male)
Chair- Nicole Wells-Anik (White Female)
Meghan Rouse (White Female)
Vice Chair- Robin Chrisman (White Female)
Kristin Pendley (White Female)
Chair-Sarah Cruce (White Female)
Vice Chair-Meghan Rouse (White Female)
Robin Chrisman (White Female)
Special Interest
Chair-Karen Clough (White Female)
Vice Chair-Elizabeth Young (White Female)
Blaine Stubbs (Black Male)
Chair-Kymberly Falcone (White Female)
Vice Chair-Lindsey Likens (White Female)
Homecoming King and Queen 2009
Ahmed Awadallah and Michelle Harpring
Mr. and Miss Cardinal 2009
Robert Works and Rachel Noble
Adult Learner Recipients - Kentuckiana Metroversity Adult Learner Recipients were:
Undergraduate Student - Peter K. Eichhorn II - Education
Graduate Student - Julie Douglas – Higher Education
Staff Member - James W. Atkinson – Career Center
Faculty Member - Dr. James Price Foster – Justice Administration
The Student Activities Board co-sponsors events with other University Departments,
Student Organizations and Community Organizations. Listed are the names of all the
co-sponsors from the past year.
Admissions Office-Orientation Program
African Student Union
Alpha Omega Pi
Alumni Association
Athletics Department
Campus Health Services
Chi Omega
Class Act Federal Credit Union
College of Arts and Sciences
Dean of Students Office
Delta Zeta
Dental School Student Council
Department of Public Safety
First Year Initiatives
French Department
Graduate School Student Council
Housing and Residence Life Office
Lambda Chi Alpha
Louisville American Sign Language Association
Indian Student Association
Interfraternity Council
International Center
Intramurals and Recreational Sports
Medical School Student Council
Muslim Student Association
National Pan-Hellenic Council
Nursing School Student Council
Office of Civic Engagement, Leadership, & Service
Office of Vice-Provost for Diversity & Equal Opportunity
Office for LGBT Services
Panhellenic Council
PEACC Program
The Province
Public Health Student Council
Red Barn Alumni Association
Resident Student Association
Student Government Association
Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR)
Sustainability Council
Undergraduate Studies
University of Louisville President’s Office
University of Louisville School of Music
WLCV Radio
Women's and Gender Studies
Women's Center
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Comparable Three Year Statistics
Student Activities
06/01/07 to 05/31/08
06/01/08 to 05/31/09
06/01/09 to 05/31/10
5,399 Bookings
5,639 Bookings
6,505 Bookings
5,401 Bookings
5,653 Bookings
6,506 Bookings
41,697 Resources Used
54,834.95 Resources
71,301.28 Resources
(Total Qty
<none> - $2125
<none> - $0
Affiliated - $12,927
Sales by
(Net Sales)
Non UofL - $8,930.80
Departments $20,672.90
Students - $4,935
Total - $47,465.70
<none> - $0
Affiliated - $6,712
Affiliated - $939
Non UofL - $23,327.91
Non UofL - $14,616.71
Departments - $22,306
Departments $27,560.44
Students - $10,370.71
Students - $9,552
Total - $48,234.42
Alumni - $20
Total - $69,297.35
Sales by
(# of services)
Equipment – 357
Equipment – 637
Equipment – 881
Misc Charges – 35
Misc Charges – 72
Grills - 34
Room Charge – 451
Room Charge – 598
Misc Charges – 151
Total – 843
Total – 1,307
Room Charge – 929
Total – 1,995
Student Activities budget for FY09-10 is $791,168.37 Student Activities has two budgets, one
General Fund budget and a Program budget for all of the SAC and Red Barn rental fees, and lockers.
Our General Fund budget includes most of our salaries, fringe and over half of our S&E. Our
Program budget has some salary and fringe for student workers.
General Fund
Total Budget
Student Activities Department Administrative staff processes a total of 2,128 transactions per year,
which consists of accounts payable, purchasing, procard transactions, processing travel vouchers,
posting scholarships, and accounts receivables and deposits. The administrative staff also
reconciles over 25 budgets totaling.
Purchase Orders
Undergrad Travel
Graduate Travel
Accounts Receivable
Total number of Greek organizations= 26
16 fraternities (13 IFC and 3 NPHC)
10 sororities (6 PH and 4 NPHC)
No new Greek organizations were added during the 2009-10 academic term. The
Panhellenic council’s vote to bring on a new sorority failed. They approved another vote
to take place in the fall of 2010. Discussions and preparations began for the arrival of
Alpha Tau Omega fraternity in the fall of 2010. Phi Beta Sigma will be allowed to
petition U of L to re-establish themselves in 2011.
180 women pledged on PH sorority Bid Day
276 men pledged fraternities during the IFC fraternity fall recruitment week
The Panhellenic Council voted to raise chapter membership total from 86 to 94,
effective 01/06/10
Total Membership Statistics:
Fall 2009
Spring 2010
Semester Scholarship Statistics
All Greek
All Men’s
All Women’s
All Student’s
Spring 2009
Fall 2009
The University leased six homes to Greek organizations:
Two groups own their own homes and lease their land from U of L
One home is privately owned
One suite is leased in the lower level of a residence hall
Five chapter suites are leased from U of L Properties
National Student Exchange:
Placed 12 students for exchange during the 2009-10 academic year. Those students
were placed at the following universities:
Adams State College
Bridgewater State College
California State University, San Bernardino
College of Charleston
Louisiana State University
Queens College
Tennessee State University
University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Georgia
University of Main at Presque Isle
University of Missouri – St. Louis
University of Northern Colorado
Accepted 4 students for exchange during the 2009-010 academic year. Those students
were accepted from the following universities:
California State University, Northridge
Indiana Purdue at Fort Wayne
University of Kentucky
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
37 new Recognized Student Organizations were approved bringing our total to 296
For the 2009-2010, 60 organizations applied for recognition. Of those, 37 new student
organizations completed the application process and achieved recognition. This
included 17 organizations during the fall, and 20 in the spring. A listing of the newly
approved organizations follows:
Fall 2009:
American Society of Civil Engineers
A Women’s Choice on Campus
Biology Undergraduate Student Association
Cardinales Celebrating Culturas
Chinese Learners Society of Louisville
College Libertarians
Collegiate Music Educators National Conference
Corporate Law Society
Empowering Ladies Together
Graduate Student Nursing Association
Integrated Communication (I-Comm)
Portuguese Language Club
Stained Glass Ministries
Student United Way
The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Campus Fellowship
Undergraduate Law Club
Spring 2010:
Aauashah Dance
Alpha Kappa Psi University of Louisville Chapter
Association of Humanities Academics
Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Union
Cardinal Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ceramic Student Organization
Engineering World Health
Education Graduate Student Association
Men of PEACC Chapter of the University of Louisville
Nepalese Student Association
Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Student Association
Photographic Alliance of the University of Louisville
Remote Area Medical ULSD
Soka Gakkai International USA (SGI-USA Club)
Students against Human Trafficking
Student National Dental Association
The Avenue
The Rehabilitation Sciences Student Organization
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
It should be noted that seven of the applications were received at the end of the spring
semester, and thusly are going to be reviewed over the summer. If those applications
are approved, the total number of new student organizations will stand at 44.
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