BIO 111.71 BG

Distance Learning Course: BIO 111.71P/C General Biology I
Course format: Internet
Textbook: Mader, S. S. (2007). Biology, 10th ed., New York: McGraw-Hill
Instructor Information:
Name: Bonnie Glass
Office phone number: 252-916-8321
E-mail address: [email protected]
Office hours (if any) and location:
Course Prerequisites/Corequisites: None
Are campus visits required? Yes
Testing is completed: Combination online and on campus
If campus or combination, how many tests are given on campus: 1
Is there any additional software required for this course? Yes, Java
Additional comments/preferences/suggestions: Students are required to purchase textbooks
from the PCC bookstore. These books come with access codes to the ARIS website that
accompanies the textbook. It is strongly recommended that the students have access to the
website. This is typically a difficult course for students who do not have experience with internet
courses. It is a 4 credit hour course and requires that students complete labs at home with
materials that are readily available. It also requires that students complete online simulations for
which it is helpful to have fast internet access. The final exam is cumulative and is proctored on
the PCC campus. I recommend that students take this course on campus if possible, as the online
course is challenging and requires a self-directed learner.
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