Leveraging EQ to Identify and Reduce Bias

Leveraging EQ to Identify and Reduce Bias
Implicit bias can impact a broad range of decisions and interactions --- from
recruitment and retention to development and promotion. Left unacknowledged, implicit
bias can undermine an organization’s commitment to both excellence and meritocracy.
Identifying and reducing implicit bias is a challenge for the best of organizations
and there is no silver bullet or quick fix. It starts with the willingness to notice patterns
and challenge the status quo. Emotional intelligence (EQ), which involves selfawareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management can be an
important tool in recognizing and reducing implicit bias. Individuals with higher levels of
EQ are more likely to notice patterns, explore assumptions and modify behavior.
This presentation will explore the neuroscience research on implicit bias, look at
how it shows up in day-to-day interactions and explore how organizations can leverage
EQ to identify and interrupt bias.