Author Research Graphic Organizer

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Directions: Using various internet resources, research the author that wrote the poetry you are focusing on. Use the graphic
organizer below to keep track of the various portions of the author’s life and the source(s) that the information came from.
Remember to evaluate your source before using it. (Consider: The author - is one listed and is the author credible? Publisher - Is
a publisher listed? Is the publishing organization trustworthy? Bias - Does the author have an identifiable bias? Last update - Is the
information current? Source Type - What kind of web page is it? (Personal, government, newspaper, etc)
Part One: Gather Information and Sources (at least two). Choose topics from: Childhood, Adulthood, Family, Struggles, Successes,
Published Work, Other (specify)
Source Information
Date:_______________________ Period:____
Part Two: Use noodletools to create a bibliography
Part Three: Highlight information in the “Information” column that may have influenced the author’s literary work.