Atmosphere Webquest

The Atmosphere Webquest
Website 1: Read over information on this website
Website 2: Go to website and answer the following questions.
1. What are the four main layers of the atmosphere?
2. Which layer is closest to space?
3. Which layer is the hottest layer?
4. Which layer is the coldest layer?
5. What and where is the ionosphere ?
6. What and where is the exosphere?
Website 3: Go to website and answer the following questions.
7. Why is the atmosphere important?
8. What gases are most common in Earth’s atmosphere? Give the
9. What is the greenhouse effect (describe how it works)?
10. What are the main greenhouse gases?
12. What is air pollution?
13. Give 3 types of air pollution found in our atmosphere?
14. What is primary and secondary air pollution?
15. What are the concerns of the global effects of air pollution?
16. Ozone Hole...
-Explain why this is a concern.
-What is causing the hole?
-When did scientist discover the ozone hole?