June 4, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FINAL Meeting Minutes
NAPO Virtual Chapter Board Meeting
June 4, 2012
8 pm EST
Agenda & Meeting Minutes
Roll Call
Identified Actions to Take
Shawndra Holmberg
Quorum & 2/3
9 members – Quorum is 5 and 2/3 is 6
10 -11 members – Quorum is 6 and 2/3 is 7
Present ()
Absent () Non-Voting
Amy Tokos
Shawndra Holmberg
Tracie Utter
Leslie Howard
Sue DeRoos
Susan Erickson
Teresa Taylor
Honey Stempka
Sarah Sain
Susan Devaney
Elizabeth Early Sheehan
10 voting Board members present
Amy Tokos called the meeting to order at ~ 8:05 pm
Executive Board Reports
Amy Tokos
Introduced two new directors:
Honey Stempka, Marketing
Sarah Sain, Technology & Communication
Vice President
Shawndra Holmberg
Will be supporting Membership and Technology
Committees but am available to help as needed.
Amy reported that Jennifer resigned and the
Reminder to Board Members:
Send Bios/photos to Sarah if
we don’t have it already
Sign and send to Amy Codes of
Ethics & Code of Conduct
position is open. Any suggestions let Amy know.
Tracie Utter
Current cash balance $4,485.95
If you compare actual to budget, we are way
ahead of budget. We have not incurred expenses
as expected but there are still four months left in
this fiscal year.
Fiscal year ends September 31 and we will be
working on next years budget. Hope to be ready
to vote on it August 27 if possible but not
See Budget & Report on website (Board Resources)
Immediate past president
All Board members: start
looking at your next year’s
budget (income & expenses).
Tracie/Amy/Shawndra: will
work with each director
Leslie Howard
Nothing to report but sends her thanks to all Board
Welcome Sarah & Teresa
Committee Reports
Will be posted on the NAPO VC website under the
For Member /Board Resources tab
Shawndra: post committee
reports and meeting minutes
and links on website
Password for the Board
Resources and the June 4,
2012 Board Meeting (reports
and minutes) is
Professional development
Teresa Taylor
Speakers confirmed through Dec and a couple on
standby for next year.
Working on providing bios and information
Working on CEU projections with the goal being
50% of the presentations being available for CEU
gather bios & presentation info
for those that we don’t have
Working on extending access CEUs to folks AFTER
the meeting.
identify presentations that
meet CEU criteria
Explore accountability with [code words]
similar to Institute for Challenging
Disorganization on calls beginning in July –
the code words spread through the call
VC was approached by an organizer about co-
Professional Development:
develop Guidance on
Cosponsoring Programs
Technology / Shawndra: will
look into ability to report calls
sponsoring a class –didn’t feel there was enough
benefit / value for the VC or its members. Will
work on getting a guidance document on
cosponsoring programs
Survey feedback available for review on committee
Honey Stempka
See committee report
Increase member engagement on FB by encourage
Board members to respond to FB posted questions
– where are you, what your specialty… [further
clarification by VP -- all posts are as you an
individual or business. They will not be as a NAPO
Board Member and so do not have to be preapproved]
Look into adding map page on Twitter – 315
Susan Erickson
Committee Meeting held 5/25/12
o Committee – 2 members
o Review roles and responsibilities
Review goals and objectives – working on
keeping on current members happy and
responding to questions of members or
Next meeting --June 20, after that quarterly
or as needed
New member packet drafted and waiting for review
Paypal link to membership application to
streamline process
into recording.
Question about how the issue of refunding
non-NAPO members will be addressed if
they sign up?
Shawndra/Amy report that with the first
item on the application is that they have to
check off and affirm that they are a NAPO
member in good standing.
Susan has contacted a VC member who expressed
interest in volunteering. She will see if the
member can help with Marketing instead.
All Board Members:
respond to Facebook questions
and post on the NAPO Virtual
Chapter group.
Susan/Shawndra: to meet to
work on Application
Current Member count -- 75
7 applicants pending payment
See committee report for further details
[note added by VP – 5 guests at May VC meeting]
Associate Director
Susan Devaney
Do we use Associate or Affiliate???
Drafted letter to send out to companies about
benefits and NAPO VC offer
Committee member on the contact list but unable
to reach/doesn’t respond
Need a volunteer to call up list of potential
Ask members & Board members to mention NAPO
VC to their favorite company and provide Susan
with a warm referrals. She will then follow up.
Offer Affiliates’ products as an incentive to get
members to renew. Details to be determined
Incentives for affiliates to join -- business logo on
website, participate on FB appropriately, details to
be determined.
Sarah Sain
Find an Organizer page has been posted to the
website – please let Sarah know if there are
corrections or typos or updates needed
Any content on the website that needs updated
with current information, please let Sarah know
Working with Lisa Crilley Mallis with Professional
Development to populate website with testimonials
Work on getting more content on website so any
suggestions please let Sarah know.
New member promotion idea WORKS! - adding
Virtual Chapter membership & website to your
email signature works great. A fellow NAPO
member saw her signature line, asked about it and
has joined the VC
Amy: to follow up on proper
title – Associate or Affiliate
Amy: will mention NAPO VC
affiliate to Planner Pad
Susan: resend committee
report to Shawndra
Technology / Lisa: adding
testimonials to website
Future objectives – see report
Any technical issues or questions – contact Sarah
Old Business
Google Groups communication
Looks like it’s working for most everybody. If you
don’t know how or are having problems contact
Facebook (FB) and Twitter
Honey –- all Board members posting as individuals
– please respond to questions and posts
Honey -- If you are on a meeting call – please
speak up and ask questions. This helps initiate the
Shawndra –- challenged all Board members to post
on FB NAPO Virtual Chapter
Sarah –- use Twitter as a suggestion box and
Twitter feed on to our website think of ways to use
social media to open dialogue
Honey –- 315 followers on Twitter
All Board Members: – to post
on FB Virtual Chapter FB –
where you are or???
Committee Reports
Amy – no suggestions needed as everyone put up
their reports
Volunteers needed
Send Amy specific needs for volunteers (call
potential Affiliate members, help with Wordpress,
etc). And the number of volunteers you need.
Number of people and specific needed and will be
mentioned on next Monday’s call. Please follow up
with the names Amy gave you. BEFORE MONDAY
Before Monday
Committee Directors:
follow up with names of
potential volunteers provided
by Amy
send Amy # volunteers needed
and specific tasks
New Business
Ambassadors for ICD and NAPO
Kristi Meyer is the Institute for Challenging
Disorganization (ICD) Ambassador and wants to
participate in membership meeting calls (quarterly)
Sarah: put Kristi’s contact info
on the resource page of the
to give an update on ICD put her contact info on
resource page of website
Membership meeting format
5-15 minutes – The president opens the meeting /
then one or two directors or ICD Ambassador,
Kristi, gives an update. ~quarterly each
Susan – let members know that what they learn
from volunteering with NAPO VC can be used to
help them and their business
2012-2013 Meeting Schedule (Shawndra
Monday, August 27, 8 pm
Monday, December 3, 8 pm
Monday, February 25, 8 pm
Adjournment at 8:57 pm
Shawndra: post on Google
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