Day 8
English 10
Grade 10 Steps Practices
Trade and Grade
Review 10 Steps
___1. I thought I had plinketed all the mail, but this morning I discovered a letter I had
forgotten that was still on my desk so I dropped it in the mailbox this afternoon.
b. received
c. thrown away
d. burned
___2. I was worried that I hadn’t binglebangled enough for my Algebra test, so I begged the
teacher to give me five more minutes to look over my notes.
b. listened
c. slept
d. studied
___3. I brought my sunglasses because it was supposed to be very wudenstanky outside, but it
started to rain instead.
a. cloudy
b. windy
c. sunny
d. cold
1.5 “Two Kinds” of Cultural Identity
Where do you fit?
Cross the line.
My family’s cultural heritage is an ethnic hash.
My parents actively help me appreciate our family’s cultural
I sometimes feel in conflict with my parents because we define
our cultural identities differently.
Warm-Up Writing:
 Have
you ever done something just because
your parents wanted you to? Explain what
you did and what happened. Did you like it?
Hate it? Did you quit?
Meet Amy Tan
Amy Tan “Two Kinds”
As you read, look for evidence of conflict between two
generations and two distinct perspectives on culture.
What is the reason for the conflict?
How is it resolved?
How does the conflict connect to the meaning of the work as a
After Reading:
Complete the graphic organizer
In a group, come up with three possible
themes of “Two Kinds”.
Writing Prompt:
Explain how Tan uses the central conflict between mother
and daughter to develop the theme of the work. Be sure to
Build your essay around a clear focus (her perspective
toward her cultural identity OR toward her mother OR
toward America).
Support your response with quotes and details.
Use an academic voice.