December 14th Newsletter

News from 5R
Science/Social Studies: Students are wrapping up Chapter 3 in our Social Studies
book. Monday we will be reviewing for the test and Tuesday is test day. As always,
students who have taken notes throughout the chapter may use them on the test.
Notes will not be provided to those who have opted out of note taking. In Science,
students are continuing their study of physical and chemical reactions.
Math: This week, we will be working on the mid-year assessment. The assessment
will be used primarily for my information, so that I know what we need to go back
over in the next semester. Students will be working independently, and then in
partners to complete the assessment. This isn’t anything for students to stress
over! It is primarily for my information!
Reading: We are continuing to work on our Winter Holidays Around The World
project. The final draft is due on Monday, and we will be making posters to put in
the hallway the remainder of the week. I have all the supplies already for students to
make the poster (colored paper, crazy scissors, glitter glue, etc.), however, if there is
something special your student wants on their poster, they will want to bring it from
home. Also, for extra credit, students may bring something culturally relevant to
their country in to share with the class. Ideas may include a craft or decoration used
during their holiday, a traditional holiday dish to share with the class, special
clothing worn by the members of the culture, etc. I’ve given students some
direction on where to go with the extra credit should they choose to do it, but if they
have another idea, that is great, so long as it is approved by me prior to bringing it
Language Arts: Students will work on their Winter Holiday Week 2 spelling words.
The test will be Friday morning as opposed to Friday afternoon, due to the early
Other News:
Our bi-annual White Elephant Sale will be held on Friday, December 18th! Students
are getting really excited, and have been saving their class cash for this event. In
order to make it successful, I have asked students to bring gently used items from
home to donate for the sale. These should be items that they no longer use, but that
a classmate might like to have. Items need to be in decent condition, please. I have
told students to rummage through their rooms and see if there is anything they
could donate to the sale. This is not something that you need to go spend any money
on! I will be selling items from our class store at a discounted price as well. Students
may bring items anytime this week!
The Pleasant Hill BIONIC club is organizing a food drive this holiday season. If you
are able, we are looking to collect canned goods and items with a long shelf life, such
as peanut butter, Hamburger Helper, mac’n’cheese, etc. The food drive will last
through December 18th.
Dr. Jones has requested that all students have a working set of headphones at school
for the state assessments that will be coming up after Christmas break. Many
students have their headphones from the beginning of the school year, but some
students’ sets have stopped working. Please check with your student to make sure
that their headphones are in good working order, as they have to have them for the
Upcoming Events:
Tuesday, 12/15: Elementary Orchestra Concert- 6:00 p.m., SHS
Tuesday, 12/15: Scholastic book orders due!
Friday, 12/18: 12:15 dismissal (Lunch will be served)
Monday, 12/21-1/4: No School- Winter Break
Tuesday, 1/5/16: School Resumes!
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a relaxing Winter Break!!