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Connect Group Homework
For the Week of October 20, 2013
Peter – Daring Disciple
Getting Started
1. We continued our Superhero series by looking at the life of Peter,
the Daring Disciple. What was one part off Sunday’s sermon that
impacted you?
2. In Peter’s life there were very tangible growth steps as he
transitioned from Believer to Disciple to Apostle.
progressions in his life are very much the natural progressions a
believer should make as they mature in their walk with God. Have
you ever had a moment in your Christian journey where you
realized that you were growing as a Christian? Reflect on your
experience and share it with the group.
3. Although we see a very strong and outspoken Peter in Acts chapter
2, we find the very opposite on the night Jesus was crucified. In our
sermon we were reminded that when God called us He did so
knowing not only our past mistakes, but also our future struggles.
Explain how that makes you feel to your group and how that
should effectively translate into the life you live as a believer.
Into the Word
4. In our reading we want to look at passages of scripture that
encourage us as believers to grow in our walk with God.
a. Read Ephesians chapter 4. Write down any insights,
questions, or key observations.
b. Read Philippians chapter 3. Write down any insights,
questions or key observations.
5. Paul, the writer of Ephesians and Philippians, had the same
undertones in both of the chapters that we read. What was your
understanding of the passages you read in Ephesians and
Philippians? Did you have any questions as you read these two
passages of scripture?
6. In Ephesians 4:15 Paul talks about “growing up”. What do you
believe he meant by that based on not only verse 15, but some of
the preceding verses as well?
7. In Ephesians 4, Paul uses the terms “putting away” and “put off”.
What does Paul mean by that and how do you apply that to your
8. In Philippians 3 Paul is once again writing about leaving “former
things” behind and pressing forward to a “high calling”. What is
Paul talking about when he uses that term? Was that a term
unique to Paul or do you believe all believers have a high calling?
9. If you had to describe a “high calling” to an unbelieving friend, how
would you do so?
Digging Deeper
10. The life of Peter is the life of a man who was challenged to do more
and become better. In the end, Peter steps forward to become the
man God called him to be. Paul likewise challenged the church
through his letters to the Ephesians and Philippians to become
more and yearn for better. How will you take the challenge and do
the same in your life? If God is calling you to something more write
that down below and use your weekly devotion time to pray for
God to take you there. Do your part in the journey and trust God to
do His part.
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