Notes - Concord Baptist Church

The Ethics of God’s
New People
Ephesians 4:25-5:2
Our High Calling
• God’s new community is to reflect the
character of God to the world
– Mimetai—mimic God
– Mt. 5:43-48—be perfect “as your Father”
Our High Calling
• Our Act of Sacrifice
– Paradidomai—
– Give over (contrast with 4:19)
The Growing Contrast
• vv. 17-24—the big principle distinction
– There is a normative pagan life and normative
Christian life
– In particulars we are to be distinct from the
– Our purpose is higher than the pragmatic or in
relation to what works
The Point of Light
• This is, again, related to ideas in the Sermon
on the Mount
• We are to be the light of the world; the salt
of the earth
• We are evidence to the world that it is
upside down and warped. Our solid
community is to bring that type of conviction