Chapter 2 Section 3 Earth`s Waters Review Questions

Chapter 2 Section 3 Earth’s Waters Review Questions
Directions: Answer these questions in your journal. Write the question and the answer
1. Define drought
2. How is the world’s population affecting the water supply?
3. How has overuse of water affected some rivers?
4. What can help to solve the water shortage?
5. How can farmers conserve water?
6. What are the three main ways in which people conserve water?
7. How does industry conserve water?
8. What must people do when a river flows from one state to another?
9. Answer the following questions using the picture on page 64
a. Which four areas share the water of the Rio Grande?
b. What are some of the large population centers that use water from the Rio
c. What sometimes happens to the river between El Paso and Presidio?
10. How can Alaska help solve a water shortage in California?
11. What is one type of pollution in the northeastern United States that is caused by
factories farther west?
12. How do some international organizations help with water-related problems?
13. Define desalination
14. What is drought and what problems does it cause?
15. How are aquifers and rivers being depleted?
16. Name two ways to help prevent water shortages.
17. Why do you think people object to building a water pipeline from Alaska to California?