Overview of proposed Memorandum and Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association – The Main Changes
Main Changes
- Change terminology of Student Council to
zones or Union Actioning Body
This committee will no longer exist so one of
these areas will now be the place for
- A number of references to the Companies Act
removed and replaced
The Union is now a Charity and these items in
some instances fall under other acts.
Article 21
- General Meetings – Chairing responsibilities
As there will be no Student Council Chair the
chairing responsibilities are now made more
explicit. This allows for the floor to nominate a
chair if it feels there is a conflict of interest.
The language has been updated as trustees don’t
retire their term ends so the terminology has
been changed to reflect this.
Student Council will no longer exist. The
ratification will still need approval. Students will
now be involved in the interview process and the
selection of student trustees.
This document should only outline legal
requirements. This is not a legal requirement
and the institution is happy that the Union deals
with issues regarding it’s trustees without
University interference.
Each committee has different arrangements.
Secretary duties are already outlined in Article
At the moment any two trustees can call a
meeting. The change to this article would ensure
that at least one Sabbatical or student trustee be
involved in making this decision.
The Union appoints trustees. These are not
elected (except Sabbatical Officers). There isn’t a
procedure for this via election. This would
instead be an appointment process.
Part 3
- Trustees Retirement
Article 34
- Trustee Ratification
Article 38
- University involvement in no confidence in
University nominated trustees
Article 42
- Secretary appointment
Article 48
- Calling a Trustees Meeting
Article 53
- The article outlines that if a meeting
continuously doesn’t reach quorum a trustee can
be elected
Article 60 – Part 4
- This outlines Student Council. This will now
outline the principles of the Zones and Union
Actioning Body
Article 64
- References to Books and filing in offices
Article 70
- Definition of Terms
As Student Council is replaced this section will
outline the new governance process.
This document was originally written in the late
90’s. Technology has come a long way so these
references are outdated and not relevant.
RAG are listed as a society. RAG are now
considered a student group as they have a
different structure to societies. This change
reflects this.