Regional Board Member - Friends of Kansas Libraries

Friends of Kansas Libraries Board of Trustees
Regional Trustee Job Description
Reports to:
Board President
Purpose: To support existing and new Friends groups located
within the library system represented.
Job responsibilities:
 Contact local Friends and system consultant quarterly
 Assist recruiting new board members and FoKL members
 Meet with contacts and provide FoKL orientation
 Represent Friends groups within the system at FoKL board
Skills, attitudes, knowledge:
Committed and enthusiastic about FoKL
Knowledgeable about FoKL
Good communication skills, e-mail, phone, etc.
Good and timely follow through on assignments
Time commitment for work as Regional Trustee:
 Approximately 1-2 hours a month or as required by
 Quarterly board meetings, generally held the third Friday of
the month in January, April, July and October
 Annual meeting held during the annual state-wide library
conference of Kansas Library Association and its affiliates
Benefits and challenges:
 Opportunity to develop creative teamwork
 Participation in the shaping of the future of FoKL