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13th September 2013
Dear Member
I am writing to explain why the Trustees believe it is time to review our governing document and
why we propose new articles be adopted.
As organisations grow and develop over their lives, their governance and management
arrangements need to change to keep pace with that growth. In addition, changes to Company and
Charity legislation can amend Members’ and Trustees’ roles and responsibilities in ways which aren’t
clearly expressed in original governing documents.
One of the recommendations of the recent strategic review was that we should seek professional
legal advice in order to update NASBM’s Articles to take advantage of new powers available to us
under Company Law and to allow NASBM to benefit from stronger, more robust governance
The Trustees have worked with NASBM’s lawyers, Stone King LLP, to revise the articles and to seek
authorisation from the Charity Commission for the changes we wish to make. These changes are, of
course, subject to Members’ approval. As part of this work, and to help secure your approval, I have
asked Stone King to provide a commentary related to the main changes. We are making this
commentary available to all members to help you understand the proposed changes.
On behalf of the Trustees, I recommend adoption of these Articles (available to view at as an important part of setting NASBM up for the opportunities and challenges
we face. We are the only organisation to represent Business Managers, Finance Directors, Senior
Administrators from every type and sector of state funded school and we need clear, modern
Articles which support our mission and are commonly understood by all stakeholders.
If you intend to attend the General Meeting on 4th October, as detailed in the enclosed notice please
confirm by emailing [email protected]
Thank you for the time taken to read this letter and all of the accompanying documentation, both
hard copy and online.
Yours faithfully
Tracey Gray
Chair of Trustees
National Association of School Business Management