Raleighs Full Moon - American Warmblood Registry

Raleighs Full Moon, YOB 1998
Proven Producer of National &
Regional Champions!
Beautifully elegant, Raleighs Full
Moon sires exotic, 100% Palomino
and Buckskin foals. He has been
DNA tested at UC Davis and will not
produce a Smoky Black.
Sir Raleigh James/Moses Marriah
Moonrock Sport Horses
Catherine McCall
San Martin, CA 95046 USA
Phone: 408-683-2502
Email: [email protected]
Website: MoonrockHorses.com
Moons foals exhibit his tall, large
boned frame, coupled with smooth
refinement and kind, trainable
minds. Their stunning color enables
them to stand out in any show
Standing 16 hands, American
Warmblood, Cremello Stallion
Raleighs Full Moon is recognized by
six registries. He has been
presented for inspection with the
AWR and has earned his
Permanent Breeding License.
This distinctive honor means he has
sired ten or more foals with
exemplary inspection scores and all
of his offspring are eligible for AWR
inspection and registration.
Stud fee:
$ 1,500.00
Breeding methods:
Artificial insemination
Transported cooled semen
Breeding goals:
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