Pratap Institute of Science and Technology Solid Waste

Pratap Institute of Science and Technology
Solid Waste Management
Academic Session- 2013-2014, Civil Engineering Vth Sem
Tutorial Sheet-1
Date of Issue-25-07-2013
Date of Submission-12-08-2013
What do you understand by the term Solid Waste Management?
Discuss the sources and types of Solid Wastes.
Discuss the goal and objectives of Solid Waste Management.
Discuss the classification of Solid Waste Management in detail.
What do you understand by Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable Wastes?
Explain by taking suitable examples.
Disposal of waste in a landfill, which is a common practice, involves burning of
wastes. Can you imagine the problems arising out of this practice? Suggest
methods to overcome these problems.
Discuss the factors influencing Solid Waste Generation.
What are the characteristics of Solid Wastes?
How analysis of solid waste is done?
What are the effects of Solid Waste Pollution?
Discuss the various methods of Solid Waste Disposal.
Discuss recycling of Solid Waste and its Management.
The term Solid Waste Management is usually related to collection, transport,
processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials. How
should the waste management practices, in your opinion, differ for urban and
rural areas?
What are the measures to control the Urban Solid Wastes?
Incineration is a method of disposal of Solid Organic Wastes. (a) It is
considered to be a controversial method. Point out the various reasons for it. (b)
Do you realize that it can be useful for conversion of waste into energy? How
can this be achieved for our benefit?
What are hazardous waste? What precautions would you like to take in handling
hazardous solid wastes?
We live in world saturated with technology. Computers, laptops, TVs, cell
phones, various electronic equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. are
of common use these days. Due to rapid changes in technology, all these have
limited life and with time either recycled or treated as electronic waste.
Electronic waste contains hazardous but also valuable and scarce materials.
Industries involved in extracting valuable/ precious materials are flourishing
these days. (Just for your information: 1 million recycled mobile phones can
yield 250 kg silver and 24 kg gold). Consider computers and cell phones, and
answer the following questions:
What are the different elements/ materials used in the above electronic
How and why their disposal is hazardous?
What precautionary measures need to be taken to overcome their hazardous
Could you suggest some methods to regenerate valuable materials from their