Other Conditions That May Be A Focus of Clinical Attention

Other Conditions that may be a focus of Clinical Attention
 DSM-5 also identified conditions that are not associated with mental disorders but of clinical
significance. This extensive section focuses on:
 Relational problems – problems related to family upbringing and primary support group;
 Abuse and neglect – child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, child neglect, child neglect
(suspected), child psychological abuse;
 Adult maltreatment and neglect – spouse or partner violence (physical or sexual), spouse or
partner neglect, spouse or partner abuse (psychological), adult abuse by nonspouse or
 Educational and occupational problems;
 Housing and economic problems;
 Other problems related to the social environment (living alone, acculturation, social exclusion,
rejection, discrimination);
 Problems related to crime interaction with the legal system (victims of crime, conviction in civil or
criminal proceedings without imprisonment, imprisonment, problems related to release from prison,
problems with legal circumstances);
 Other health encounters (sex counseling);
 Problems related to other psychological, personal and environmental circumstances (religious of
spiritual problems, unwanted pregnancy, multiparity, discord with social service provider, victim of
terrorism or torture;
 Other circumstances of personal history (personal history of self-harm, military deployment,
lifestyle, child or adolescent or adult anti-social behaviour, unavailability of medical services,
nonadherence to medical treatment, overweight or obesity, malingering, wandering, borderline
intellectual functioning (APA 2013).