Student Shipping Request Form

Student Shipping Request Form
Please Fill out as thoroughly as possible
Course Department with the Course Level Number and Section is extremely important for processing.
Failing to thoroughly fill out this information can lead to you being shipped the wrong books.
Book Title is not often necessary, as we use our database of Course information to determine the title.
You may not be shipped a book if …
If you list a course title but your professor has not formally requested a Textbook for your course.
If you desire a textbook but are not enrolled in a class,
Your professor has a book listed on their syllabus but has not requested one from TBR
In these types of scenarios books are shipped if they are available
TBR is not responsible for shipping mishaps due to lack of information
Last Name / First Name
(example) MATH
Student ID #
Address / State / Zip
BOOK TITLES (if known)
Beginning Algebra
Depending on the volume of requests there can be a 1-2 day turn around between receiving your request and it leaving the building
Shipping Requests received after 12:00pm will not ship process till the following day.
Actual Shipping (once the package leaves) takes two day to most of WI and Northern IL. It can take up to a week elsewhere.
The Student is responsible for the cost of shipping to and from Textbook Rental.
All returning packages must be postmarked by the due date on your receipt. If your receipt is missing you can find the due date
information on our website.
Failure to return book on time will result in late fees. Any book 30 days past due will be billed to your account. There are no refunds
once a book has been billed.
Would you like us to send you a shipping confirmation email?
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Receipt Present? (Y/N)
Shipping Charge
Date Shipped
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