vacancy Zambia - Caldara 06.05.2014

Zambia: Strengthening market engagement in Zambia's small-scale agriculture
sector through the establishment of Agriculture Service Centres under the 11th EDF
Project Formulation Mission
1 Agri-business Expert Cat I
Lusaka, Zambia
23 w/d – TL
2nd June 2014
[email protected]
Global objective
The overall objective of the assignment is to improve small scale farmers' access to
agricultural input and output markets, productive assets and services to contribute
to small-holder farming sector transition from low productivity, subsistence-based
agriculture to more profitable, market-oriented production systems.
Specific objective(s)
The specific objective of the assignment is to design a detailed project and develop
the related Action Fiche and required annexes for the “Strengthening Market
Engagement in Zambia's Small-Scale Agriculture Sector Project”.
Profile per expert or expertise required:
Number of requested experts per category and number of man-days per expert or
per category
An Agri-business Expert of Category I is required for a total of 23 working days.
Those 23 man-days will be spread as follows:
- 2 man-days for preparatory work
- 20 man-days for in-country and field assignment mission (including time required
for field trips, stakeholder consultation and draft final report)
- 1 man-days for finalising Final Report
Profile per expert or expertise required:
Qualifications and skills
- At least a Master's Degree (university or equivalent institution or a recognised
professional qualification) in Development Studies or Economics
- Excellent analytical and solid proposal/technical report writing skills;
- Fluency in both written and spoken English.
- Initiative, tact and ability to maintain harmonious working relationships in a
multicultural setting;
General professional experience
- 15 years of professional experience with private sector or agribusinesses
engagement in rural areas;
- 10 years of professional experience in the analysis, design and/or delivery of
donor-funded projects
- Proven ability to design agribusiness centres in rural areas;
- Demonstrated experience in leading missions (identification, formulation,
Specific professional experience
- Knowledge of the Project Cycle Management concept and logical framework
- Knowledge of and experience with EDF rules and procedures;
- Expertise in problem analysis, stakeholder’s analysis and institutional/capacity
- Solid professional experience with the conduction of desk literature reviews,
analyses and syntheses for planning purposes;
- Specific and relevant experience of working in developing countries, preferably in
Sub-Saharan Africa and in particular in Southern Africa Region;
Starting period:
It is expected that the assignment shall commence no later than on the 2nd of June
Foreseen finishing period or duration:
The assignment will last for a maximum of 23 working days. This overall duration
shall cover desk study during preparatory stage, consultation with relevant
stakeholders as well as time dedicated to preparing Final Report Location(s) of
The consultant will start the mission to Zambia with a briefing meeting at the EU
Delegation to Zambia in Lusaka.