Chem Grade 9 practice sheet

If an atom has 20 electrons, how many will go in the
second shell?
In the Bohr model how many electrons can be in the
first two shells in total?
Elements on the periodic table are grouped into
families. They are grouped this way because elements
in the same family
Which one of the groups of elements generally do not
The correct name for Cu(CN)2 is __________.
The atomic number of an element indicates
Write the name of the following compound: FeI3
What is the IONIC CHARGE of the chlorine ion?
Do all the members in one element family have
different ion charges?
formula for tetraphosphorus hexoxide?
formulas for chromium(lll) chloride is?
How many electrons does a lithium atom have?
The only metal that is not a solid at room temperature
The formula of ammonium carbonate is __________.
formula for magnesium iodide?
The correct name for Na2O2 is _________.
Name this ionic compound: Al(CN)3
The formulas for tin(IV) bromide is
formula for tetraphosphorus hexoxide?
The ions Ca2+ and PO43- form a salt with the formula
Name this ionic compound: TiBr3
The formula for aluminum hydroxide is __________.