Meeting Minutes Elmdale Tennis Club Board of Directors` Meeting

Meeting Minutes
Elmdale Tennis Club Board of Directors’ Meeting
Wednesday, February 11th, 6:30pm
Attendees: Darcy Gillespie, Greg MacDougall, John Topping, Marcos Valencia, Matt MacKinnon,
Vanessa House Milley
Absent: Mark Brooks, Saruul Ayurzana
1. Approval of Agenda:
Agenda approved
2. Review and Approval of Minutes:
Minutes reviewed and approved
3. Review of Year-End Financial Statements:
Differed to next meeting (Treasurer required)
4. Accounting Service and Auditing:
Differed to next meeting (Treasurer required)
5. Insurance:
Deferred to next meeting (Treasurer required)
6. Glass Railing Update:
Nigel provided an update of the situation and outstanding costs:
o Outstanding balance of $1000
o Estimate for fixing railings based on current engineering drawings: $3500
o Reuben has estimated an additional $1000 for extra work
o $17 000 paid to date
o Total cost: $25 000 maximum
o Approximately $6 500 remains to be paid
Decisions & Action Items:
 Nigel to contact engineer again to request revised drawings
 If quotation for drawings comes back higher than $2 000, the Board will approach City to
request preparation of drawings
7. Renovating Washrooms/Change rooms:
City will upgrade washrooms/change rooms to a minimal extent (sinks, countertops, painting)
Decisions & Action Items:
 Board agreed to keep washroom/change room renovation costs to a maximum of $30 000
 Greg will approach City to ask for estimate, as well as inquiring about pooling resources
with the City and coordinating planned work on the washroom
 John, Greg and Matt to meet the City staff at the Club to examine change rooms and
consider needs
8. Subsidized Camps / Membership:
Matt has allocated 25 spots for camps and will reserve one place as a possible subsidized spot.
The Board will need to make a subsequent decision with respect to offering a subsidized spot to
a camper.
9. Accreditation:
Accreditation provides a guarantee that the club can deliver a consistent level of coaching to
schools etc.
Training will be offered to staff who deliver school clinics and summer camps.
Accreditation training will take place the first or second weekend of May.
Decisions & Action Items:
 Matt will investigate the details of accreditation training, including cost, dates and times, as
well as who would provide the training.
10. Prime Time/Pro Plan:
Board will consider possibility of allowing only Club members to take lessons during prime time
Need a set of guidelines around court usage, including the following:
1) Number of courts can be used for lessons etc.
2) Numbers of pros who can teach at the same time
Board to consider promoting 7:00 am court time for play and lessons, as this is outside standard
work hours but is currently under-utilized
Decisions & Action Items:
 Board voted to take a one year pause from participation in the NCTA inter-club play. NCTA
participation will be reassessed prior to the 2016 season.
 Board decided that prime time will be considered to be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm every
 John to develop draft guidelines for court usage and circulate to other Board members for
 John to send an email to the three Elmdale pros to determine their interest in possibly
running 7:00 am clinics
11. Storage of AED Machine:
Decisions & Action Items:
Board voted to provide storage for the AED machine. Matt will purchase the appropriate
storage unit.
Board voted to provide staff with AED training as well as First Aid training
10. Other:
Matt discovered through an inquiry by a member and through the Canada Revenue Agency that
HST should not be charged by non-profits for children’s camps
Decisions & Action Items:
Matt to email John about the issue, who will then communicate with Saruul/Phil to
clarify next steps, including reimbursing those who have paid HST in the past
Next Meeting:
Wednesday, March 25th, 2015
Fisher Park School (TBC)