Matt Kaltenberger

Matt grew up in a strict baptize home in
Denver Colorado
 He became the starting quarter back for his
high school
 Over the next few year he would hall off his
path and start doing drugs and alcohol
 Then on a football field on day he found
God and turned down a chance to play
college football to go to a small town
college to become a pastor
Eight years ago Matt started Grace and
helping people to find there religious views
Matt also sponsors missions trips to Kenya
Before Grace went to Kenya they had to
walk over two miles to the hospital and to
get water
Now they have a well, an orphanage, a
hospital, and are working to build a church
The church also lets you sponsor a child with
a monthly donation.
 Saves People
 Gave up being Madeline to free the
 Believes in God
 Self Sacrifice
Gave up scholar ship to become a pastor
 Strong willed
 Determined
 Even when at the weakest rose to help
 Preaches about God
Jean ValJean
Jean ValJean finds God when he was at
his worst and so did Matt
 Both are not self serving and help as
many people as they can
 They both believe that God gave them
a high purpose in life