Maintaining a Journal for Senior Project

Maintaining a Journal for Senior Project
During the Senior Project, you will want to keep an up-to-date record of the effort,
problems and solutions, results, and time that you have spent working on your Senior Project.
This journal is important for several reasons. First, it keeps you on task and focused by requiring
you to write down what you have accomplished so far and what you need to do next. Secondly, it
helps you keep a record of the time you have spent. Finally, the Senior Project journals allow
your instructor and the faculty to realize the effort, thought, and learning stretch you have
expended. It will give them a clearer idea of the scope of your project. These journals will be a
part of the Portfolio the judges will grade before the Senior Project Presentations; therefore, you
will want every part of it to be clearly, neatly and accurately written.
Journal entries should follow the format given and include the following when applicable:
What you did:
The tasks and time spent doing them: writing, note taking, designing, construction,
planning, taking classes or lessons, interviewing, contacting sources, volunteering,
reading, purchasing materials and any other pertinent notes. Write in your journal what
you accomplished and how much time was spent doing it and include any cost involved.
Any resources you have used: materials, people, printed or online sources.
How did things go:
Any problems you may have encountered and possible solutions, or your successes.
Include here feelings or thoughts you have about the various stages of the Senior Project.
Let this journal be a thinking tool for you as you process any problems or successes you
might be having. These journal remarks will be especially helpful to you when you
prepare for your presentation and your reflective essays.
Any suggestions or responses others give you.
What will you do next:
A list of what you need to do next with an approximate date you plan to do it.
You will write a journal reflecting upon every week. Each entry should be thoughtful and
include only the relevant information. The Senior Project journal is an important way of
keeping track of the work you have done, your thoughts and attitudes during the process, and the
work you still need to do. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
Your journals should follow the template given. Your font should look professional. Also
remember that whatever font you choose for your portfolio should be consistent throughout
every section.