Daksh is not bringing N.B Acc to timetable. Kindly check his N.B his work is I.C
HW of 5 R Gsc-Draw diagrams of diff.kind of miracles, Eng-Read L3, Math-Do Q3 in N.b
HW of 5 L
Eng-test of Ch1, Comp-Learn L2 of Ex, Gsc-Test of Ch1 (full)
HW of 7 Lt
Gsc- Read Ch 3, Ssc-Learn ch1 of History Wt syll ch1of History and Geography, Full with Ex &key terms.
HW of 8 Lt
Hin-DoQ/A 1,4in fair N.b of Ex5.1, Gsc-write Q/A of Ch3, Sst-solve the Ex of Ch3, Skt-Complete your Nb
HW of 8 R
Math-Complete your work till Ex6.2, Ssc-Write key terms of of ch3, Hin-DO Q/A of ch5 (g)
HW of 9 Lt
Math-Do Ex 3.1&3.2 complete, Hin-Test of Ch1, CIvics-Do Q/A in fair n.b, Chem-Test (written) of Ch1
Hw of 10 Lt
Civics-written test of Ch2 on Mon, Maths-Do ex8.3&Ct of Ch3, Hin-Complete your Hindi N.b & read
poem &test of Ch2
HW of 12 A
Maths-Complete Ex 4.6, Chem-Revise the Ch taught of solublity, Phy-Complete practical work of
measurement of prism
HW of 12 C
Acc-Complete your Nb of Ch6&7
Harshit Hooda is not bringing his note books acc to time table, his sci and Math n.b is incomplete.