H.11. Website Checklist - Distance Education and Training Council

H.11. – Website Checklist
11. Website Checklist
DEAC’s Standard VIII also applies to the institution’s website. Below is a checklist that the DEAC staff created for
evaluating institutions’ websites. Please note, that not all of these are mandatory. You should check with the DEAC
Business Standards for what is required:
Section A
Is the institution’s mission statement on the Website?
Are the institutional goals and objectives listed?
Does the institution mention when it was founded and its history?
Are testimonials less than 4 years old (except for those historical in nature)?
Is the institution’s name and full address on the website?
The word “guaranteed” is not used on the website?
The word “free is not used to describe any item, service, or materials regularly included as part
of the institution’s curricula offerings?
The website does not imply that employment is being offered?
Does the website fairly describe the institution, including that distance education is offered?
Does the website:
Refer to its DEAC accredited status (accurately)?
Include a link to DEAC’s Website?
Include DEAC’s full address and phone number?
Include the DEAC logo?
Refer to CHEA? (If appropriate)
Include a link to CHEA’s Website?
Include information on the institution’s state licensure?
Include mention of other accreditors?
Accurately describe the institution’s program requirements
- Course descriptions (including objectives)
- Admission policies
- Statement of fees and tuition
- Learning schedules
- Course delivery formats, including any technology requirements
- Appropriate technology requirements
- Grading policies (including proctoring requirements)
- Contact information
- Hours of operation and holiday schedules
- Refund policy
- Protecting student privacy
Does the institution disclose on its website that the acceptance for transfer of its academic
credits is determined by the receiving institution?
Does the website contain the DEAC Consumer Information Disclosure?
Are terms of the refund policy clearly disclosed on the website?
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