Short Curriculum vitae
Anna Fterniati is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary Education,
Division of Pedagogy, of the University of Patras (subject: Language Education).
Bachelor in Letters (University of Athens)
DEA in Linguistics (University Paris 7)
DEA in Educational Psychology (University Paris 8)
PhD in Language Education (University of Patras)
Languages: English, French, German
Teaching experience:
Anna Fterniati has been employed as a teacher in secondary education and as a
researcher at the Hellenic Pedagogical Institute of the Ministry of National Education
and Religious Affairs. She has served as a member of the board of designers of the
National Curriculum for Language Arts in the Greek Primary School (2003) and was
a member of the board of editors of the new teacher manuals for Language Arts for
elementary education (2003-2005). She has also participated, since 1993, in initial and
continuing in-service teacher training.
Research Interests
Participation in various research projects and publication of papers and books in the
field of Language Education and specifically in the field of literacy pedagogy and
written discourse instruction, as well as in the field of multiliteracies. Experience also
and publications in curriculum design, development and assessment.
Selected publications
Fterniati, A. & Spinthouraki, J..A. (2004). The L1 communicative-textual competence
of Greek upper elementary school students. L1. Educational Studies in Language and
Literature 4:221-240. Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Fterniati, A. & Spinthouraki, J..A. (2005-6). Implementing a communicative text
oriented teaching approach. The International Journal of Learning 12 (3): 309-315.
Fterniati, A. & Spinthouraki, J..A. (2006). National Curriculum Reform and New
Elementary School Language Arts Textbooks in Greece. The International Journal of
Learning 13 (4): 37-44.
Fterniati, A. (2007). The New Greek Elementary Language Arts Textbooks: Teaching
Written Discourse Production. The International Journal of Learning 14 (9): 112121.
Fterniati, A. (2009). Teaching Multimodality in Greek Elementary School Language
Arts. The International Journal of Learning 16 (4): 299-325.
Fterniati, A. (2010). Literacy pedagogy and multiliteracies in Greek Elementary
School Language Arts. The International Journal of Learning 17 (3): 319-350.
Fterniati, A. (2013). Narrative skills and Genre Based Literacy Pedagogy Teaching
Material: The Case of Greek Upper Elementary School Pupils one year after the
implementation of the current teaching material. The International Journal of
Literacies 19.
Fterniati, A., Archakis, A., Tsakona, V. & Tsami, V. (2013). Media and literacy:
Evidence from elementary school students’ literacy practices and the current teaching
practices in Greece. Menon. Journal of Educational Researche, 2b.
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