Mountainsides of Hell

Objective: to transform an article into a
Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq from 1979
until 2003, has gained international notoriety for
torturing and murdering thousands of his own
people, including the large population of Iraqi
Kurds in North Iraq.
Today there are between 30 and 40 million
Kurdish people living in parts of various countries.
Consult the map on the following slide and
identify which countries are inhabited by Kurdish
In 1991 Saddam Hussein expelled the Kurdish
people from Iraq (following an unsuccessful
uprising against the dictatorship of Hussein)
Many fled to camps in Turkey.
Choose three example of imagery from the text
which capture the horror of the ‘non-camp’ for
the refugees.
Imagery – a line or two of text that
create a vivid picture in our mind
Imagine that you work for the Red Cross and
are seeking to raise awareness of the Kurds’
plight. Produce the text of a talk to be given to
a women’s group who are looking for a good
cause to adopt for their fund raising.
Think: how are you going to plan
for this task?
If you’re interested in finding out more about
the status of Kurdish people today and future
possibilities of establishing their own
independent state, type ‘Noam Chomsky on
the Kurds’ into youtube to watch an interesting
interview with this famous linguist/activist.
The BBC documentary on Abu Ghraib we
watched a clip from last lesson is available in
full on youtube. It is titled ‘Ghosts of Abu