Scout Equipment List Try to pack all equipment into your backpack

Scout Equipment List
Try to pack all equipment into your backpack with room to spare. Avoid bringing several pieces of
baggage. Plan your clothes so they can be worn over each other in layers, many layers keep you
warm. Wool or synthetic fabrics are best since they stay warm when wet. Remember, this is a scout
camp in the snow; bring durable and warm clothes. The following list is a guide; please try to bring
most things as the better you’re equipped the more we can do.
Scouts Bring:
Trail mix / scroggin or nutritious snacks (for day walk Saturday/Sunday)
Try to limit the amount of rappers and plastics; everything has to be carried out. No chips or junk
food. Use the follow recipe or make up your own:
 1 cup sultanas
 1 cup chocolate chips
 1 cup raisins
 1 cup orange rind, candied
 1 cup crystallised ginger
 1/2 cup imagination (use yours, add seeds or dried fruit)
 1 cup nuts, any kind roasted (be mindful of allergies for yourself and those around you)
 3-4 Pairs Socks: must be wool or other synthetic fibres. No cotton
 Gaiters or snow pants - worn over the top of the boot to protect from snow in shoes.
 Slippers or extra socks for inside hut.
 Waterproof hi-top walking boots (bring extra plastic bags for your feet if not waterproof)
Lower Body Clothing:
 Regular underwear
 Thermal underwear - mid-weight - wool, polypro, thermax, capilene.
 Wool or polar fleece pants - Should be roomy enough for freedom of movement and
layering. Track’n’field or other synthetic wool is acceptable. No denim jeans or cotton pants
 Wet-weather pants
Upper Body Clothing:
 Waterproof jacket - covers other layers loosely. No cotton lining
 Insulation layers: You will have at least two insulation layers that should fit comfortably over
each other. Combinations of the following are acceptable:
o Wool sweater
o Light wool shirt
o Polar fleece sweater or jacket
o Thermal underwear top - wool, polypro, thermax, capilene
o Vest – synthetic, wool or down.
 Down jacket
 Inner and outer gloves, outer gloves waterproof.
 Wool or Polar fleece beanie or balaclava
 Scarf or neck sock
 Sunglasses or goggles
Sleeping Gear:
 Sleeping bag with rating down to at least 0oc - Synthetic (fiberfill, polarguard, holofill,
quallofill) or Down.
 Sleeping mat - closed cell or “therma-rest” type
 Fleece or silk liner
 Camp pillow
 Head lamp or flashlight with spare bulb and batteries.
 Sunblock and lip balm.
 Mess kit / Dilly bag - unbreakable: cup, bowl, plate, spoon, knife, fork, tea towel
 Toiletries: toothbrush & paste, hand sanitiser, small towel, etc
Day pack
 Large enough to carry;
o lunch,
o head and hand gear
o jacket and over pants
o spare socks
 Small closed cell pad for sitting in the snow on
Leader extra gear (for day walk/ski, leaders bring)
 Map & compass
 Snow Shovel
 First Aid Kit
 Ground sheet
 Stove w/fuel
 Matches
 Stuff for hot drinks
 Tent
 Sleeping mat
 Sleeping bag
 Toilet paper
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