Making Wool Into Yarn

Making Wool Into Yarn
Shearing Sheep
Wool after Shearing
Combing the wool
Carding the wool
After the wool has been shorn and gathered, it must combed manually to remove
any bulk dirt and to begin the process of separating out the fibers for spinning. This
carded wool is then washed. Picked cotton balls and silk cocoons are also submitted
to a process of carding and washing before they are spun.
Washing the wool
After the wool is washed, it can be dyed into a color or left natural. The resulting
combing and carding is known as roving. A roving is a long and narrow bundle of
fiber. It is usually used to spin woollen yarn.
The wool fibers are them spun into yarn
A spinning wheel is used to spin
the roving into yarn
The wool is ready to use