Module 6a Workshop activity 15 GEPRISP Bus

Workshop Activity 15: GEPRISP Bus Stop Activity
Materials and preparation:
Questions on A4 sheets (see below worksheets), glue, A4 envelopes, paper clips.
Glue each sheet onto a separate A4 envelope. Paper-clip blank pages onto the outside of
each envelope for recording responses and place at tables around the room.
1. Divide teachers into seven groups (one group for each bus stop).
2. Groups will need between five and eight minutes at each stop. Groups move from one bus
stop to the next (clockwise or anticlockwise) at your direction.
3. At each stop, groups respond to the question or instruction and record their responses on
the sheets provided. At the end of each stop, the recording sheet is put in the envelope
and the question left in preparation for the next group.
4. At the final stop, instead of responding to the question or instruction, each group is asked
to summarise the responses from previous groups. Plan for groups to share these
summaries with the wider group or post them on the wall for sharing.
Workshop Activity 15: GEPRISP Bus Stop
Identify your role/s in the school e.g. DP,
classroom teacher, etc.
Choose any one role.
What evidence will you gather to show
that you are raising Māori student
How will you gather and use this evidence
to support the goal of raising Māori
student achievement?
How might the educational experiences of
Māori students in our school continue to
inform the ongoing implementation of Te
Kotahitanga at a school wide level?
How will we recognise deficit theorising
when we hear it in our school?
How will we respond, individually and
collectively, to prevent deficit theorising
continuing in our school?
Participation in Te Kotahitanga will
influence the relationships and
interactions we have with other teachers
and with Māori students in our school.
Consider one positive and one negative
possible outcome of these changes.
Consider and record possible responses
either to your issue or to an issue already
in your envelope.
Discuss what you intend to focus on first
in your efforts to implement the Effective
Teacher Profile in your classroom
What evidence are you using, or will you
use, to make this decision?
What will be your first steps?
If your department is going to adequately
resource more discursive practice in
classrooms what changes might need to
take place?
Why is this necessary?
What steps will you take to ensure these
changes take place?
List the things you, individually and
collectively, need to do to implement the
Effective Teaching Profile in your
classroom and in any other area of
responsibility (e.g. Dean, DP, HOF) in the
This week?
This month?
This term?