Curriculum Delivery and Assessment Policy

Curriculum Delivery and Assessment Policy (NAG 1)
Policy Statement
Christchurch Boys’ High School ensures that the delivery of the curriculum is in accordance
with the National Education Guidelines. We aim through effective curriculum delivery and
assessment of learning to ensure that every student at the School is equipped with the
competencies, knowledge and values to prepare them to be active, contributing and
positive members of society.
The Headmaster is the professional leader in the school and responsibility for effective
teaching and learning is delegated to the Headmaster.
Curriculum Delivery
1. The School will develop and deliver a curriculum that provides each and every
student the opportunity to achieve his full academic potential.
2. The School’s curriculum will be designed and delivered in accordance with the
requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum and the school’s vision and values.
3. The school will ensure that the curriculum in Year 9 and 10 will align with the New
Zealand Curriculum and will offer a coherent progression of courses for students as
they progress through the school.
The School will identify students who are not achieving or who are at risk of not
achieving or who are gifted and talented and will implement appropriate strategies to
meet their needs.
4. Equal educational opportunities will be provided to all groups of learners and for
individuals to ensure equity.
5. The School curriculum will acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and
the bi-cultural foundations of Aoteroa-New Zealand
6. Programmes will draw upon the significant features of New Zealand’s diverse ethnic
and cultural heritage.
7. Curriculum delivery for all Learning Areas of the NZ Curriculum will reflect the special
nature of our community.
8. The Board ensures that the goals for all aspects of the Curriculum as stated in
strategic and annual plans are implemented, monitored and reviewed.
9. Achievement data, including from NZQA, Years 9 and 10 and tertiary data will be
tracked for individual students and groups of students and will be provided to the
Board by Heads of Department annually, or as otherwise agreed, in the form of
statistical evidence supported by analysis.
10. Every two years the school consults on the delivery of the health curriculum.
11. The school will provide an integrated careers programme that ensures all students
receive careers and subject choice advice that is cohesive, sequential and effectively
Christchurch Boys’ High School is committed to valid, reliable, fair, consistent, accurate and
personalised assessment.
Accordingly the Board expects that:
1. A range of assessment practices will be developed and utilised to ensure that all
students are able to demonstrate the progress they have made.
2. All assessment will be fair, valid, sufficient, reliable and transparent.
3. We will meet good practice as recommended by NZQA.
4. Student progress will be monitored and recorded against the National Achievement
Objectives and School Achievement Objectives using a range of planned assessment
procedures. These procedures are to be integrated into the teaching and learning
5. Heads of Department and teachers will be expected to demonstrate how assessment
information is used to develop and improve teaching programmes to maximise
student learning.
Māori Student Achievement
Reference: Ka-Hikitia- Accelerating Success.
Christchurch Boys’ High School is committed to providing Māori students with the
opportunity to realise their potential and to succeed in their lives as Māori. Accordingly the
Board expects that:
1. A strong relationship exists with the school’s Māori community/ whānau.
2. There is a process for consulting with and involving the school’s Māori community/
whānau in identifying and meeting the needs of Māori students.
3. Indicators and targets for Māori students’ achievement will be established and
Reporting to Parents and the Community
Christchurch Boys’ High School believes that students, parents and the wider community are
entitled to regular, valid and useful reports on student achievement and the performance of
the school. Accordingly the Board expects that:
1. Parents and guardians are given a range of opportunities and media to discuss the
engagement, learning and progress of their son’s.
2. Parents are given accurate and timely information about assessment methods and
times and are given the opportunity to engage with the School regarding their son’s
3. Overall student achievement including areas of strength and areas of concern is
reported to the community. References to benchmarks will be made where
4. Specific reports will be contextualised, analysed and accompanied by a commentary.
Relevant Legislation/References
National Education Goals
National Administration Guidelines
The NZ Curriculum
The School curriculum and related documents
NZQA requirements
Monitoring of Compliance
The Board monitors the implementation and effectiveness of this policy through the
Headmaster’s reports to the Board. Policies and supporting procedures are reviewed on a
regular cycle to ensure compliance by the Board’s Audit Committee.
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Board of Trustees
November 2015
June 2016