Reading and Writing in Lesson

Reading and Writing in the Lesson
Each day during the Reading Recovery lesson, your child writes a sentence or story.
The teacher copies it on a strip of paper and cuts it apart. Your child then works to
put it back together again. They bring this story home each day.
You can use these sentence stories at home by doing the following:
1. Listen to your child read the complete sentences that the teacher has printed
on the envelope. (This activity can be repeated at home by having your child
write a sentence and cutting it up with you.)
2. Watch your child put the cut-up pieces back into the correct order. She/he
may do this with or without the envelope as a guide.
3. After the sentence is put back together ask your child to check it against the
sentence on the envelope to make sure it is correct and have your child read
it to you.
4. Place the words in different phrases, for example:
I like
I like to go
I like
to go
to school.
to go to school.
to school.
5. Be careful not to use the words as flashcards or expect your child to read the
words without the entire sentence being present.