Journal of Military History

Journal of Military History
The Journal of Military History has been in publication since 1937 and covers
a broad scope of military issues. These issues range across all time periods, all
branches of the military, tactics, strategy, reviews of past and present military
actions, and even explores geography as it pertains to military engagements. It is a
scholarly, peer reviewed journal that is published quarterly.
Its intended audience is young professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and
professors, but also includes students, military professionals and amateur military
historians. Some of the articles can be very dense and dry, but for the most part the
articles are lively, well written and interesting, even for those not particularly
interested in military history.
As evidence of the scope of the journal’s articles, in the most recent published
journal, in July of this the year, the articles ranged from an assessment of English
cavalry, to World War II initiative programs, to discussions on the current war and
Saddam Hussein’s motives for invading Iran. There is also an article on the origins
of the Ground Observer Corps. in World War II.