Historians and their sources notes


Name: Core: Date: Historians and their Sources Distinguishing between Primary and Secondary Sources What do historians need to investigate the past? Historians need __________________ to investigate the past. Definition: Example: When historians study an event, they use ____________ related to the event to study it. Historians classify the sources they use into two kinds:

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Term: Definition: Examples:

Term: Definition: Examples: Check your understanding: Imagine you are a historian who wants to know what American Middle School students learned in school from 1950-2000. Which of the following would be considered a Secondary Source? a.

An interview with the neighbor of a person who was a middle school teacher in the 1950s b.

An article written in 2010 about middle schools in the 1960s c.

A final exam from a social studies class in 1980 d.

A history textbook used in 1950 from a middle school. How does a historian decide which sources are the most accurate when studying an event? They have to check for 3 things: 1.