American Imperialism - Unit 1

American Imperialism – Altruism or Aggression?
One of the many important skills you will need as a historian is to successfully analyze
The article I gave you listed many different historians and their differing reasons regarding
American foreign policy at the end of the 19th century.
In order to make sense of the article and then begin to put it in historical context you will
complete the following task:
List all the historians/political figures and their point of view regarding American foreign
policy. Make sure you include a brief explanation of the argument they make to support their
viewpoint. You may work quietly with a classmate and share ideas.
Make sure you type up your findings as we will share the information with the rest of the
class. Assign is due on Weds 22nd September – Day 2. Any questions you can email me at
The aim of this assignment is to give you practice in analyzing different sources and extracting
relevant information from them. In order to help you I have listed the historians/political
Charles and Mary Beard
Stanley Lebergott
Samuel Flagg Bernis
Josiah Strong
Julius W Pratt
Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan
William Appleman Williams
Walter LaFeber
Thomas McCormack
Milton Plesur
Ernest R. May
Richard Hofstadter
James A Field Jr
Paul A. Varg