Weather Webquest Notes - Attleboro Public Schools

Severe Weather Webquest Notes
***Bulleted notes***** Phrases*****In your own words***
(Lightning and Floods too)
Step 1
What is your severe weather and how does it form?
(definition, weather conditions for formation,
actual formation details, as many facts about your storm in general)
Where and when can your severe weather occur? (climatology, time of day, year, where in US)
How is your severe weather measured, detected or forecasted? (scales for measuring storm
strength, radar and satellite details, other facts about detection and forecasting)
What kind of damage can your severe weather create?
(use lots of facts, numbers and specifics here)
Step 2
How can people keep safe from this type of severe weather?
What is the difference between a watch and a warning?
Items for your severe weather disaster kit:
Step 3 (Thinking Question –
use what you learned in your research to help you answer
Why is it important to study weather?
Is your severe weather a serious threat to our state? Why?
Interesting Facts
Extension Activities: What do you do when you are done?
Step 4
Use the following website to find and save images of your severe weather:
Photo Library