Students Create Internet Web-Quest

Students Create
Internet Web-Quest
Requirements: Individual work
Use the internet
Topic: Any sports team or individual
athlete of your choice.
 Research the sports team or athlete on the internet, visiting
numerous website and record the data on a word document
 From your data, create 5 complex questions about the sports
team or athlete about odd or unusual facts we might not know
about them or the players.
 You will be required to use the internet to gather
information visiting at least three sites (Use the search
technique {link} that was discussed in class to find your
remaining sites). Write the website address that you visited,
site’s official name, doing this for all three sites.
 Create a webquest on a blank document. Save the document
as webquest questions in your Google drive (Careers Folder)
First, type directions on how to complete the webquest.
Second, write the questions. Lastly, create a webquest answer
key from the webquest questions.
 Please type the complete answers under each question.
PLUS, you MUST supply the web information.
Due on Friday (9/20) before your test!!!